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Reinstalled Win2000 But Want My Old Apps To Work

Hi there,

I recently swapped out 2 of my hard drives from one machine to another.  This new machine has new goodies like a g-force card and more memory.  When i placed my 2 hd's into this new system i noticed that my Win2000 OS could not start up (it had an exception error during the splash load up screen indicating: "BOOT DEVICE NOT FOUND" or something like that -- the error screen has a blue background with white text).  Well, anyway, i decided to rename my WINNT directory to WINNTX and reinstall windows 2000 into C:\WINNT.  The install went fine and i was able to get back into Windows BUT as expected my registry,etc that contains my installed programs and password files (e.g. to get "Disk Access" -- a program to mount Unix drives -- to work) are gone now so i have to start from scratch.  
I was wondering, can someone tell me if there is a program out there that can go to my C:\WINNTX diretory and copy out all of the necessary files (registry, etc) to the new C:\WINNT directory so that when i reboot i can see my OS with my original programs and passwords working again..
Before the reinstall (on my old computer) i even had Win2000 ask for a login username/password.  I would like to copy all of the necessary files so that this is maintained as well.

Essentially what i want to do is keep what Win2000 has determined as the hardware profiles existing for this new machine (e.g. a new Video card, more ram, etc) but have my original programs and passwords working still as it did before i moved my hds from the one computer to this newer, better computer.

Thanks very much.

If there is no program existing that can do this can you please outline in detail which files i should be grabbing and placing into the WINNT directory.
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Not easy.

Normally you can buy a program that will transfer programs from one disk to another, for upgrading an OS or such.

ZDNet COA version 2 COA2 Change of address, program transfer to new location.
Software migration programs
Desktop DNA,Utilities, http://www.miramar.com/
PC Transplant Pro,Utilities
,Personality Tranxport Professional
http://www.Altiris.com/ PC transplant
.,,Miramar Systems, Inc.,
,Tranxition Corp., http://Tranxition.com/

hardware upgrade transfer to a new system or computer
How to Move a Windows 2000 Installation to Different Hardware

Windows 2000 Server Disaster Recovery Guidelines

From: stevenlewis     Date: 08/07/2001 08:14PM PST .You will have a problem with the HAL (hardware access layer) that w2k sets upon install. w2k protects
         the hardware with the HAL, so that nothing may access the hardware directly, it must go thru the HAL.
         That is why you have to deal with the technical aspects that Dennis and I pointed out. It is not like 9x where you could delete the local_machine\enum key in the reg and then move it and lwet windows find  new hardware
   From: john Date: 08/07/2001 10:25PM PST
               I have 2 almost identical computers 99.99 % the same.I had an image of one
               I thought I might save some time instead of clean install on second  
  I could restore image from other computer,this works with win98 but not with 2000.
               ended up wasting a lot of time,and had to install from CD
I hope this helps !
aniston, you could have taken somewhat of a back door approach to this, but unfortunately you may have passed the point of no return here.

The ideal situation would have been to have had the Repair Console installed while you were on the old system, as well as having a set of repir disks, an ERD and your Win2000 CD.

Is the old system still viable? Have you destroyed the old WINNT directory?

anistonAuthor Commented:
hi dew,

No i STILL have my old system adnt eh orriginal WINNT directory,  If i want i can put my 2 hd's back into my old system and be back into my original Win2000 os in 30 mins.  Coudly you lay down step by step what i would do then so that i could resolve my problems?

It is very strange becasue when i swaped HD's (from one computer to the other) the other system worked perfectly when i booted up, i didn't have to worry about reistalling a win2000 but on my new system containing MY 2 hd's it booted up for a bit (spash screen) but then ened up wit an error message about some boot device not being accessible.  I have no idea what that meant.  Maybe my BIOS settings are off?  Should i explore my BIOS more before attempting to recover Win2000 as outlined here?  Any ideas?

Of course, check the BIOS settings before going any further.
I'm glad I could help out !
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