Thinkpad 600

I recently purchased a ThinkPad 600 from a company that sells refurburished equipment. This is my first laptop.

I have loaded Windows 98 successfully and Microfoft Office.
The windows logo does not fill the screen.The computer has a standard PCI graphics adapter.

I cannot get computer to fill the entire screen.

Is this normal,a software or hardware problem?
Or am I not doing something right?
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Who cares if the Windows logo fills the screen?  That's just Microsoft junk anyway.

I assume your real problem is that the WINDOWS DESKTOP does not fill the screen after Windows boots, correct?

If so, you need to go to the DISPLAY control panel and then the settings tab and move the SCREEN AREA slider up one notch at a time until you get a FULL SCREEN view.  I'm not so familiar with this particular model of ThinkPad and so I'm not sure what exact screen resolution it has but I'm sure it's 800 x 600 or better.  Perhaps even 1024 x 768.

If you don't have a choice for that, see the ADVANCED and then the MONITOR setting.  And try it with 800 x 600 laptop display and then 1024 x 768 laptop display.

This happens because unlike a desktop display, laptop LCD displays don't Multi-SYNC and adjust their scan rates to the incoming signal so that it's always full screen.  A laptop LCD always has the same number of pixels and so if you display a 640 x 480 screen on an 800 x 600 laptop LCD, you get a small image surrounded by black.
Why did you post a DUPLICATE to this one?  You're going to run out of points in a hurry doing that...
jhance has it right about the VGA LCD screen
I would get ALL the IBM drivers for the 600 from the IBM site and any BIOS patches.
They have a fairly easy site to navigate to get drivers etc.

There are also a bunch of utilities from IBM that do not come standard with win98.

You then should be able to choose the correct VGA driver and solve your problem.

I hope this helps !
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duplicate question
No, the OTHER ONE was the duplicate.  This one has real comments!!!!

I'm sorry but if you can't figure this out....  Well, let's just leave it at that.
Some laptops have a utility in BIOS setup that allows for filling the screen, even if resolution is set lower than the native resolution (e.g. 640X480 on a 800X600 screen). This can be called various things: "Font Expand" or some such uninformative name. If your BIOS doesn't have this, you need to set the resolution to the screen's native resolution to make it fill the screen. Since the stupid splash screen is only 640X480, it will not fill the screen, but, as has been said, who cares. Safe mode will also be only 640X480 and the black border will appear. Using this expand function will fill the screen even if resolution is lower than native, but it will not be a good screen to look at - it will get out-of-focus looking or jagged lines.
Right click on the desktop and set it up properly.  You should also have a key on your keypad that alows you to scale the size of your display to fit the screen.  If you have a manual try reading it.
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Ahh...the old jhance is back...heh

>>Ahh...the old jhance is back...heh

There is no "old jhance", just the one.  Anything you may have heard is rumor!  See my profile if you have any questions....

I was TRYING to save this user 300 points since he asked the same question 2X but he cannot even grasp this concept.  How do you think he's going to be able to understand a more complex solution to his display problem.

I believe that now both questions are legitimately "in-play" and should be "charged" to this user...
i have a IBM 600, if you are still having problems please talk.

Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
The solution to both problems is contained in my comment (the last comment) at
All that is needed is the proper video driver.  Its using a "standard PCI graphics adapter" because Win98 doesn't have built-in drivers for the video chip IBM used on this model.  The links to the video drivers for the 600 series will fix both questions, apparently c5b7 has left us though...

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>>- Deleted and points refunded

I disagree.  I suggest force accept to jhance.  I properly suggested how to solve this issue.
this q has been answered here, which is a duplicate
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
>> I properly suggested how to solve this issue.

Yes, that would work if the video driver was correct, but changing the monitor type to LCD 800x600 or 1024x768 won't do it if the system is using "Standard PCI VGA" = 640x480x16 colors.

>> which is a duplicate
The questioner explicitly says that he has two separate questions (even though the resolution is the same, which was provided by me).  I have a feeling c5b7 hasn't been back and won't miss the extra 300 points.

Per recommendation, force-accepted.

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