Help with Scrolling SSTAB

I have placed an SSTAB control on a form (MDI Child)

I have to place a scroll bar down one side - so that the user can scroll down past the buttom of the viewable area to see more information.

I have not a clue about how this should be done or even where to start

Pointers to example code ... code solutions etc get the points


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inthedarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Set up 2 picture boxes:

Place picOuter on the SSTAB and place picInner inside picOuter.

Place all of your controls on picInner.

Set picOuter width and height to fit inside the SSTAB.

How it words:

By setting -1440 it will scroll up one inch.

Set your pics and vscroll up like this:

' get rid of borders at run time but keep for design time
' so you can see where the pciture boxes are
' make the diffeerent colours to aid design
' but at run time merge then into the same colour as the SSTAB


' This is an important line.
picInner.move 0,0

' Now all you need to do is setup you scroll events:

sub vscroll_Change()
   call vscroll_Scroll
End Sub

Sub VScroll_Scroll()
    ' This is the code that makes it work.

    ' The folling code will change the poisition of
    ' picInner.Top making it more negative
    ' because vscroll.max has been setup so that it wont scroll up heigher than it needs to

    picInner.Top = - vscroll.value
End Sub

Hope this helps - please excuse any typos.
What kind of container is your data sitting in on the SSTab?
DarrinEAuthor Commented:
thanks for the tips guys

I have about 75 editboxes which will be placed on the SSTab - I take it I will have to place these on the Picture control (picInner ??)

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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
If you already have a form you can select all controls in one hit and cut and paste them into picInner.

Consider the following:

In development mode you want to be able to view as may controls as possible. So you want you SSTAB and picOuter to be as large as possible. You can move then picInner up and down within picOuter to edit the controls. In your formload event, resize and position SSTAB and picOuter to their required positions and  sizes.

Be aware that there are some bugs with SSTab which were only corrected by VB6 SP5.  If you changed the left property of an element the SSTAB display got screwed.

>I have about 75 editboxes which will be placed on the SSTab

With 75 edit boxes you are reaching then point where you should be considering not using textboxes for performance reasons - so it depends on the client's budget and you abillities - it is not so simple to do away with texboxes for $100,000 I can make 350 editboxes appear in less than half a second - if you need better performance it can be acheived.

Hope this helps..

I suspect that emoreau's execllent solution works well with a few controls but for raw speed you can't beat:
picInner.Top = - vscroll.value

instead of:

Private Sub ScrollControls()
Dim ctl As Control

    For Each ctl In Me.Controls
        'Check for controls that don't move
        If TypeOf ctl Is VScrollBar Or _
           ctl.Name = "cmdStay" _
            'do nothing
            ctl.Top = ctl.Top + OldScrollPos - VScroll1.Value
        End If
    OldScrollPos = VScroll1.Value
End Sub

Which potentially could be painfully slow with loads of controls. And also invloves 1600% more software.

DarrinEAuthor Commented:
many thanks for the assistance ....

tell me more about this 350 controls in under 1/2 a second I am ineterested in this ....
I didn't say "controls", I said "editboxes", there is a subtle difference.

I will give you more details in a day or so.
DarrinEAuthor Commented:
hmmm... ok missed that
DarrinEAuthor Commented:
inthedark :

Please look for my question about scrolling into view

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