How do i make applications run as Win2k service in Advance Server?

Hi folks,

just one short question.

what is again the syntax for running an application as Win2k service, like running it without Logging-in into the machine?

like when i turned on the Auto Remote Access Connection Manager, a workstation going to surf the web, it automatically triggers the server to dial-up my modem, i find it pretty neat. now how do i make my:

1. winamp run like that? =)

2. my Half-life dedicated server to run like that. =)

3. Load my saved Performance monitor and be able to view it on a win2k pro machine without logging in as an administrator but as a user with that priveldge, could that be possible?

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LongbowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi sir,

From: Longbow  Date: 09/07/2001 02:49AM PST  
Resource Kit Tool.
A doc file is included.

The AutoExNT Service allows you to start a custom batch file, Autoexnt.bat, when you start a computer
- without having to log onto the computer on which it will run.

AutoExNT includes an /interactive option (analogous to the /interactive option of the AT command) that
allows you to see the processes started. To use AutoExNT, you must be running Microsoft? Windows? 2000,
Microsoft? Windows NT? version 4.0, or Microsoft? Windows NT? 3.5 or later.

As no user-environment variables have yet been declared when AutoExNT runs at system startup, you must
use full path names. If you need a service to be running, such as the Server or Schedule service, include
a net start service command at the beginning of your Autoexnt.bat file before you start running a dependent

Resource Kit is here :
There also a program called Firedaemon ( which will setup any type service you want with a short amount of commands. Works great since i run a Counter-Strike Server on my win2k machine.

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