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how to import self-created class in different package in JBuilder4

I need to run this program in Jbuilder4.
I want use MyInput class in my ComputeArea.java .
I create MyUtilities.jpr, MyInput.java belongs to this project and  is saved on my computer as c:\WINDOWS\jbproject\MyUtilities\MyInput.java. The first line in the file is: package MyUtilities;)  
  What would be the import command in ComputeArea.java  which locate in a different project chapter2.jpr, such as: c:\WINDOWS\jbproject\chapter2\ComputeArea.java (The first line in this file is: package chapter2;
What should be the import statement in the computeArea.java, should it be :
import MyUtilities.MyInput;  ?
But when I try this, it tell me MyInput class was not found.
Thank you very much for your time.
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1 Solution
> import MyUtilities.MyInput;

This is correct.
You need to ensure that the directory c:\WINDOWS\jbproject is in your classpath.
Is MyInput.class in the same directory as MyInput.java?
You have two different JBuilder projects, right?

Then most probably the classes are compiled to different directories as say:

project 1: c:\WINDOWS\jbproject\MyUtilities\classes
project 2: c:\WINDOWS\jbproject\chapter2\classes

That's why when you compile the project MyUtilities, it doesn't find the classes in chapter2.

You have several possibilities to solve this problem:

1. Change the output directory of one of the projects to the same output directory. I do that often: All projects have the same output directory.

2. Change the library settings of one of the projects (right click on the project icon and select ...) to contain the output directory of the other project as well.
minminAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much. I did it follow your instruction, and it works!

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