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how to run stored procedure from mfc?

The requirement is as follows.

1) say  x=id retrieved from one location.

2) validate password.

3)on successful validation

3.a) select status from table1 where id=x order by date1 desc

3.b) if recordcount<1
insert into table1(id,date1,status,location)
if  status='IN'
else y='IN'
end if

insert into  table1(id,date1,status,location)

end if

4) on failure get back original screen

database is in sqlserver.

front end mfc

Please tell me the way to sort out this problem.

1 Solution
The answer to your question is EXTREMELY involved.
Where have you started?
What does your stored procedure do?

A lot of what you want will be handled by the
   CDatabase and CRecordset classes.

Start here.

Here is a code sample:
// Construct a CDelinquents recordset object
CDelinquents rsDel( NULL );
CString strSQL = "{CALL Delinquent_Accts (?)}"
// Specify a parameter value (obtained earlier from the user)
rsDel.m_lDistParam = lDistrict;
// Open the recordset and run the query
if( rsDel.Open( CRecordset::snapshot, strSQL ) )
    // Use the recordset ...

I don't see any need to run a stored procedure here.  It looks like simple recordset access.  Is running a stored proceduret a requirement of your homework?

-- Dan
rajannaAuthor Commented:
Dear Dan,
 I am a beginner in database manipulation.So please guide me how to solve the above problem without using stored procedures(if it is not required).

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First, check into the MDSN help on CRecordset and CDatabase.  Use the ClassWizard to create a CRecordset that accesses table1 in your database.

Get your code to where you can open the recordset and read a series of records.  Then learn how to Insert a record.  Once all of this is in place, I can provide a useful class that will allow you to grab any single piece of data from the database.  That will help you with steps 1 and 2 (and elsewhere).

If you want a step-by-step, I'll need you to increase the points to 200.

-- Dan
rajannaAuthor Commented:
Dear Dan

I have increased the points to 200.Please give me the step by step solution.

First, in order to access your database, you will need a DSN.  This you create using the ODBC (or Data Sources) applet in the Windows Control Panel.  If you need help doing this, just ask.  

Use the name: MyTestData
Next, back in C++, create a skeleton app -- dialog based in order to explore MFC features:

1) Use Class Wizard to create an MFC AppWizard (exe).  Set the name to MyTest and click Next.

2) Choose Dialog-based and click [Finish].

3) Use the button tool to create a button named Button1.  Double click it and choose OK.  You are now in the source code editor.

4) At this point you could build and run the program, but it does nothing.

Next, let's create a class to enable access to your data.

5) Press Ctrl+W to bring up the ClassWizard.
6) Click [Add Class..] and [New...]
7) Set Name to CRsMyTable.  Set Base class to CRecordset.  Click OK
8) If prompted, supply a database login (user name and password) and OK.  
9) Choose a table from the list.  I'll assume that you choose a table named MyTable.  Click OK
10) You are back at the ClassWizard.  Click OK because we can use all defaults.  

The class CRsMyTable now contains a variable for each column in the table.  For instance, for the column named status there is a variable named m_status.

Now, in the source code editor, open the file named StdAfx.h and add this line to enable support for using recordsets:

#include <afxdb.h>

Now, open the MyTestDlg.cpp file and scroll down to the code like:

void CMyTestDlg::OnButton2()
   // TODO: Add your control notification handler code here

Insert this above it (or near the top of the file):

#include "RsMyTable.h"

(this lets you access the CRsMyTable class).  Now modify the code so that it looks like this:

void CMyTestDlg::OnButton2()
    CRsMyTable rs;
    BOOL fRet= rs.Open();
    if (!fRet) {
        MessageBox("Error opening recordset" );
    while( ! rs.IsEOF() ) {
        // use: m_sSomeColumnNameFromYourDatabase
        TRACE( rs.m_city +"\n" );

Build and run the program.  Watch the "Debug" panel of the Output window.  It will list one item from each record in the database.

When this is all working, post back here.  I'll continue the step-by-step then.

-- Dan
hi rajanna,
Do you have any additional questions?  Do any comments need clarification?

-- Dan
hi rajanna,
Do you have any additional questions?  Do any comments need clarification?

-- Dan
Comment from DanRollins accepted as answer.

Thank you
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