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Posted on 2001-09-10
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Last Modified: 2008-03-10
Hi there !!

I want to write a function or procedure which accepts a decimal number as its arguement and returns the same number translated into words.

The procedure should give me the following output for given inputs :

1) INPUT : 2300.34
   OUTPUT : Rupees Two Thousand Three Hundred and Paise Thirty Four Only.

2) INPUT : 1523420.25
   OUTPUT : Rupees Fifteen Lacs Twenty Three Thousand Four Hundred Twenty and Paise Twenty Five Only.

3) INPUT : 23455255.00
   OUTPUT : Rupees Two Crore Thirty Four Lacs Fifty Five Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Five and Paise Zero Only.

Here the maximum number I will input will be 99999999.99 and there will be only 2 decimal places. The number before the decimal point is RUPEES and the number after the decimal point is PAISE.

I have tried a lot but I am unable to get it. Please send me the PL/SQL for this procedure.

Question by:manish_saraswat
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Expert Comment

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Look at the following example and try to construct the solution:

1* select to_char( to_date(5373484,'J'),'Jsp') from dual
SQL> /

Five Million Three Hundred Seventy-Three Thousand Four Hundred Eighty-Four

This will work for numbers between 1 and 5,373,484...
You can take it a step further to support numbers -5,373,484 .. 5,373,484 by
select decode( sign( :N ), -1, 'Negative ', 0, 'Zero', NULL ) | |
decode( sign( abs(:N) ), +1, to_char( to_date( abs(:N),'J'),'Jsp') )
from dual
That covers the integer numbers.

FROM dual
That's the maximum

Try using the spelcheck.sql file found in chapter 5 of the book 'Oracle8 PL/SQL programming' by Scott Urman. The maximum no you can spell out is 10**10. I have sent the spelcheck.sql file by mail to you. Try using that.

Accepted Solution

s_lahiri earned 400 total points
ID: 6472507
Try this and this should give you the result you are looking for:

select 'Rupees ' ||
'J'),'JSP') || ' crore ') ||
'J'),'JSP') || ' lac ') ||
'J'),'JSP') || ' thousand ') ||
'J'),'JSP') || ' hundred ') ||
'J'),'JSP') || ' ') ||
'and Paise ' ||
'J'),'JSP') ) ||
' Only'
from dual

Cheers ..

Author Comment

ID: 6473421
Hi there !!!

schwertner's answer was too good and correct too but as I am in India, here the numbering system of MILLIONS is not valid. So I accept the answer of s_lahiri. Hey lahiri yor answer was too good and worked PERFECTLY !!! Thanx a lot and this made my report to work.

Have a GREAT time,

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