how can I convert the fellow C file to pascal

The Fellow is a head file on dialogic,I want to control
D/41es with delphi.

 *        FILE: dxxxlib.h
 * DESCRIPTION: Header File for DIALOGIC D/XXX Windows NT/95 library
 *   Copyright (c) 1991-1996 Dialogic Corp. All Rights Reserved
 *   The copyright notice above does not evidence any actual or
 *   intended publication of such source code.
//07-07-1999 [cjl] Update The defines for the Feature Table play/record
//                                    fields to match the additional fields in firmware.
//02-24-2000 [cjl] Added FT_IBI #define
//03-08-2000 [cjl] move DM_VADEVTS to dxxxlib.h where the others are.
//04-25-2000 [cjl] add support for dx_callp
//05-19-2000 [cjl] PTR 18000 - Fix dx_callp flags
//05-25-2000 [cjl] PTR 18111 - Add PVD_Id and PAMD_Id parms to dx_callp.
//06-08-2000 [cjl] add CT_BMH100 to bus defines
//06-21-2000 [cjl] change FT_IBI to FT_CSP
//10-05-2000 [cjl] synct the CT_ defs with dtlib.h

#ifndef __DXXXLIB_H__
#define __DXXXLIB_H__

#ifdef __STANDALONE__            /* List of required header files */

 * Required header files

/* NOTE: srllib.h must be included before here for DV_TPT */

#include "dxdevdef.h"
#include "dxcallp.h"
#include "dxdigit.h"
#include "dxr2mf.h"
#include "dxsync.h"
#include "dxtables.h"
#include "d40low.h"
#include "dxxxlow.h"
#include "dxuio.h"

 * The following equates and structures are D/4x dependent

#ifndef VOXLIB

 * Macros to get at the class and model parts of a device ID
#define dl_devclass(i)  ((i) & 0xFF00)
#define dl_devmodel(i)  ((i) & 0x00FF)

#define DEV_CLASS_VOICE "Voice"

 * Maximum terminator values.
#define MAX_TC_TIMER 6000  /* Max time units for term. conditions */

 * Values for setting hook state
#define DL_ONHOOK             0
#define DL_OFFHOOK            1
#define DX_ONHOOK             0
#define DX_OFFHOOK            1

 ** Define Event Types
#define TDX_PLAY        0x81     /* Play Completed */
#define TDX_RECORD      0x82     /* Record Completed */
#define TDX_GETDIG      0x83     /* Get Digits Completed */
#define TDX_DIAL        0x84     /* Dial Completed */
#define TDX_CALLP       0x85     /* Call Progress Completed */
#define TDX_CST         0x86     /* CST Event Received */
#define TDX_SETHOOK     0x87     /* SetHook Completed */
#define TDX_WINK        0x88     /* Wink Completed */
#define TDX_ERROR       0x89     /* Error Event */
#define TDX_PLAYTONE    0x8A     /* Play Tone Completed */
#define TDX_GETR2MF     0x8B     /* Get R2MF completed */
#define TDX_BARGEIN     0x8C     /* Barge in completed */
#define TDX_NOSTOP      0x8D     /* No Stop needed to be Issued */

#define TDX_TXDATA      0x90       /* Transmit Data Completed */
#define TDX_RXDATA      0x91       /* Transmit Data Completed */

#define DX_ATOMIC_ERR   0xEE     /* Error event for Atomic Funcs */

 *      Added to handle new sendevt() capability.
#define      TDX_UNKNOWN            1000            /* Yes, Decimal 1000 */

 ** Define sendevt flag values
#define EVFL_SENDSELF   0x01     /* Send event to self process */
#define EVFL_SENDOTHERS 0x02     /* Send event to other processes */
#define EVFL_SENDALL    0x03     /* Send event to all processes */

 * Error codes returned by ATDV_LASTERR()
#define EDX_NOERROR     0     /* No Errors */
#define EDX_SYSTEM      1     /* System Error */
#define EDX_FWERROR     2     /* Firmware Error */
#define EDX_TIMEOUT     3     /* Function Timed Out */
#define EDX_BADIOTT     4     /* Invalid Entry in the DX_IOTT */
#define EDX_BADTPT      5     /* Invalid Entry in the DX_TPT */
#define EDX_BADPARM     6     /* Invalid Parameter in Function Call */
#define EDX_BADDEV      7     /* Invalid Device Descriptor */
#define EDX_BADPROD     8     /* Func. Not Supported on this Board */
#define EDX_BUSY        9     /* Device is Already Busy */
#define EDX_IDLE        10    /* Device is Idle */
#define EDX_STOPRINGS   11    /* Stop waitrings (MT only) */
#define EDX_WTRINGSTOP  11    /* Wait for Rings stopped by user */
#define EDX_BADWAVEFILE 12    /* Bad/Unsupported WAV file */
#define EDX_XPBPARM     13    /* Bad XPB structure */
#define EDX_NOSUPPORT   14    /* Data format not supported */
#define EDX_NOTIMP      15    /* Function not implemented */

#define EDX_BADSUBCOMMAND              16
#define EDX_BADCHANNELNUMBER           17
#define EDX_BADRESOURCEID              18
#define EDX_NORESOURCE                 19    /* No Resources */
#define EDX_DSPERROR                   20    /* Resource DSP error */
//#define EDX_CHANNEL_BUSY_ERROR         21
#define EDX_INUSE                                                21

 * GTD Error Codes
#define EDX_TONEID      0x41  /* Bad Tone Template ID */
#define EDX_MAXTMPLT    0x42  /* Max number of Templates Exists */
#define EDX_INVSUBCMD   0x43  /* Invalid Sub Command Number */
#define EDX_CHANNUM     0x44  /* Invalid Channel Number Specified */
#define EDX_FREQDET     0x45  /* Invalid Freq Component Values */
                              /* in Tone Template Description */
#define EDX_CADENCE     0x46  /* Invalid Cadence Component Values */
                              /* in Tone Template Description */
#define EDX_ASCII       0x47  /* Invalid Ascii Value */
                              /* in Tone Template Description */
#define EDX_DIGTYPE     0x48  /* Invalid Dig_Type Value */
                              /* in Tone Template Description */
#define EDX_MSGSTATUS   0x49  /* Invalid Message Status Setting */

 * Speed and Volume Control Error Codes
#define EDX_SVADJBLKS   0x4A  /* Invalid Number of Speed/Volume */
                              /* Adjustment Blocks */
#define EDX_SPDVOL      0x4B  /* Must Specify either SV_SPEEDTBL or */
                              /* SV_VOLUMETBL */
#define EDX_SVMTSIZE    0x4C  /* Invalid Table Size Specified */
#define EDX_SVMTRANGE   0x4D  /* An out of Range entry in DX_SVMT */
#define EDX_NONZEROSIZE 0x4E  /* Reset to Default was Requested but */
                              /* size was non-zero */

 * GTG Error Codes
#define EDX_FLAGGEN     0x4F  /* Invalid tg_dflag field in */
                              /* Tone Generation Template */
#define EDX_FREQGEN     0x50  /* Invalid Frequency Component in */
                              /* Tone Generation Template */
#define EDX_AMPLGEN     0x51  /* Invalid Amplitude Value in */
                              /* Tone Generation Template */

 * Switch Handler / SCSA  Error Codes
#define EDX_SH_CMDBLOCK   0x59  /* Blocking Command is in progress */
#define EDX_SH_BADCMD     0x60  /* Command not supported */
#define EDX_SH_LIBBSY     0x61  /* Switching Handler Lib is busy */
#define EDX_SH_BADINDX    0x62  /* Invalid Switching Handler indx # */
#define EDX_SH_LIBNOTINIT 0x63  /* Switching Handler Library has not been initialized */
#define EDX_SH_NOCLK      0x64  /* Switching Handler Clock fallback failed */
#define EDX_SH_MISSING    0x66  /* Switching Handler is not Present */
#define EDX_SH_BADMODE    0x6A  /* Invalid Switching Handler Bus Mode */
#define EDX_SH_BADLCLTS   0x6F  /* Invalid local timeslot (Channel) */
#define EDX_SH_BADTYPE    0x70  /* Invalid local timeslot type */
#define EDX_SH_BADEXTTS   0x71  /* External timeslot not supported at current clock rate */
#define EDX_SH_LCLTSCNCT  0x72  /* Channel is already connected to SCbus */
#define EDX_SH_LCLDSCNCT  0x73  /* Channel is already disconnected from SCbus */

 * Error Codes Specific to caller ID
#define EDX_CLIDINFO 0x80  /* caller ID info/sub-msg not available */
#define EDX_CLIDBLK  0x81  /* caller ID private ('P') or blocked   */
#define EDX_CLIDOOA  0x82  /* caller ID out of area ('O')          */
#define EDX_CLIDPUB  0x83  /* caller ID public phone ('C')         */
#define EDX_CLIDPLAN 0x84  /* caller ID unknown plan ('S')         */

 * Error Codes Specific to PBXpert TSF loading
#define      EDX_BADREGVALUE            0x90
#define      EDX_BADTSFFILE                  0x91
#define      EDX_BADTSFDATA                  0x92
#define      EDX_FEATUREDISABLED      0x93

 * Error Codes Specific to EC TAP
#define      EDX_BADMODE                        0x90
#define      EDX_UNSUPPORTED            0x91

 * Equates for generic caller ID message type IDs
#define  CLIDINFO_CMPLT        0x100   /* complete caller ID message   */
#define  CLIDINFO_GENERAL      0x101   /* date,time,phone #,name       */
#define  CLIDINFO_CALLID       0x102   /* caller ID                    */
#define  CLIDINFO_FRAMETYPE    0x103   /* see frame type equates       */

 * Equates for CLASS
#define  CLASSFRAME_SDM    0x04    /* Single Data Message caller ID frame   */
#define  CLASSFRAME_MDM    0x80    /* Multiple Data Message caller ID frame */
/* CLASS MDM message IDs */
#define  MCLASS_DATETIME   0x01    /* date and time w/o '/" & ':'      */
#define  MCLASS_DN         0x02    /* calling line directory number    */
#define  MCLASS_DDN        0x03    /* dialed number                    */
#define  MCLASS_ABSENCE1   0x04    /* caller ID absence: 'O' or 'P'    */
#define  MCLASS_REDIRECT   0x05    /* call frwd-universal,busy,or unanswered */
#define  MCLASS_QUALIFIER  0x06    /* 'L' for long distance            */
#define  MCLASS_NAME       0x07    /* caller name                      */
#define  MCLASS_ABSENCE2   0x08    /* name absence- 'O' or 'P'         */

 * Equates for CLIP
#define  CLIPFRAME_MDM     0x80    /* Multiple Data Message caller ID frame */
/* CLIP message IDs */
#define  CLIP_DATETIME     0x01    /* date and time (w/o '/" & ':')    */
#define  CLIP_DN           0x02    /* calling line directory number    */
#define  CLIP_DDN          0x03    /* dialed number                    */
#define  CLIP_ABSENCE1     0x04    /* caller ID absence: 'O' or 'P'    */
#define  CLIP_NAME         0x07    /* caller name                      */
#define  CLIP_ABSENCE2     0x08    /* name absence- 'O' or 'P'         */
#define  CLIP_CALLTYPE     0x11    /* voice call,rng-bck-when-free call or msg waiting call */
#define  CLIP_NETMSG       0x13    /* no. of message waiting             */

 * Equates for A-CLIP
#define  ACLIPFRAME_SDM    0x04    /* Single Data Message caller ID frame   */
#define  ACLIPFRAME_MDM    0x80    /* Multiple Data Message caller ID frame */
/* A-CLIP MDM message IDs */
#define  MACLIP_DATETIME   0x01    /* date and time (w/o '/" & ':'     */
#define  MACLIP_DN         0x02    /* calling line directory number    */
#define  MACLIP_DDN        0x03    /* dialed number                    */
#define  MACLIP_ABSENCE1   0x04    /* caller ID absence: 'O' or 'P'    */
#define  MACLIP_REDIRECT   0x05    /* call frwd-universal,busy,or unanswered */
#define  MACLIP_QUALIFIER  0x06    /* 'L' for long distance            */
#define  MACLIP_NAME       0x07    /* caller name                      */
#define  MACLIP_ABSENCE2   0x08    /* name absence- 'O' or 'P'         */

 * Equates for Japan Caller ID  JCLIP
#define  JCLIPFRAME_MDM    0x40    /* Multiple Data Message caller ID frame */
#define  JCLIP_DN          0x02    /* calling line directory number    */
#define  JCLIP_DDN         0x09    /* dialed number                    */
#define  JCLIP_ABSENCE1    0x04    /* caller ID absence: 'O' or 'P'    */
#define  JCLIP_ABSENCE2    0x08    /* name absence- 'O' or 'P'         */

 * Defines for for channel state values
#define CS_IDLE      1     /* Channel is idle */
#define CS_PLAY      2     /* Channel is playing back */
#define CS_RECD      3     /* Channel is recording */
#define CS_DIAL      4     /* Channel is dialing */
#define CS_GTDIG     5     /* Channel is getting digits */
#define CS_TONE      6     /* Channel is generating a tone */
#define CS_STOPD     7     /* Operation has terminated */
#define CS_SENDFAX   8     /* Channel is sending a fax */
#define CS_RECVFAX   9     /* Channel is receiving a fax */
#define CS_CALL      13    /* Channel is Call Progress Mode */
#define CS_GETR2MF   14    /* Channel is Getting R2MF */
#define CS_BLOCKED   16    /* Channel is blocked */

 * This is a complex state composed of one of the
 * above states and faxmode.
#define CS_FAXIO     10    /* Channel is between fax pages */

 * Define a channel state for the remaining blocking commands
#define CS_HOOK      11    /* A change in hookstate is in progress */
#define CS_WINK      12    /* A wink operation is in progress */
#define CS_RINGS     15    /* Call status Rings state */

 *      Added this to have the behavior if user uses getevt to
 *      wait for rings.
#define      CS_WAITEVT      (CS_RINGS)

 * D/4X Events and masks
#define DE_RINGS     1     /* Rings received */
#define DE_SILON     2     /* Silence on */
#define DE_SILOF     3     /* Silenec off */
#define DE_LCON      4     /* Loop current on */
#define DE_LCOF      5     /* Loop current off */
#define DE_WINK      6     /* Wink received */
#define DE_RNGOFF    7     /* Ring off event */
#define DE_DIGITS    8     /* Digit Received */
#define DE_DIGOFF    9     /* Digit tone off event */
#define DE_LCREV     13    /* Loop current reversal   */
#define DE_TONEON    17    /* Tone ON  Event Received */
#define DE_TONEOFF   18    /* Tone OFF Event Received */
#define DE_STOPRINGS 19    /* Stop ring detect state */
#define DE_VAD                  20            /* Voice Energy detected */

/* Alt. defines for DM_SILOF, DM_LCOF are DM_SILOFF and DM_LCOFF */
 * Event mask values
#define DM_RINGS     ( 1 << (DE_RINGS - 1) )
#define DM_SILON     ( 1 << (DE_SILON - 1) )
#define DM_SILOF     ( 1 << (DE_SILOF - 1) )
#define DM_LCON      ( 1 << (DE_LCON - 1) )
#define DM_LCOF      ( 1 << (DE_LCOF - 1) )
#define DM_LCREV     ( 1 << (DE_LCREV - 1) )
#define DM_WINK      ( 1 << (DE_WINK - 1) )
#define DM_RNGOFF    ( 1 << (DE_RNGOFF - 1) )
#define DM_DIGITS    ( 1 << (DE_DIGITS - 1) )
#define DM_DIGOFF    ( 1 << (DE_DIGOFF - 1) )
#define DM_VADEVTS      ( 1 << (DE_VAD - 1) )

 * Termination reasons
#define T_NORML      0     /* Normal termination */
#define T_MXDIG      1     /* Max. digits received */
#define T_MXSIL      2     /* Max. silence exceeded */
#define T_MXNSIL     3     /* Max. non-silence exceeded */
#define T_LOOP       4     /* Loop current drop */
#define T_IDIG       5     /* Max. inter-digit delay exceeded */
#define T_MXSEC      6     /* Max. time elapsed */
#define T_TDIG       7     /* Terminating digit received */
#define T_PATRN      8     /* Pattern match detected */
#define T_STOP       9     /* Stopped by user */
#define T_EOD        10    /* End of data on playback */
#define T_ERR        13    /* I/O device error */

 * Masked DTMF termination/initiation equates
#define  DM_D        0x0001    /* Mask for DTMF d. */
#define  DM_1        0x0002    /* Mask for DTMF 1. */
#define  DM_2        0x0004    /* Mask for DTMF 2. */
#define  DM_3        0x0008    /* Mask for DTMF 3. */
#define  DM_4        0x0010    /* Mask for DTMF 4. */
#define  DM_5        0x0020    /* Mask for DTMF 5. */
#define  DM_6        0x0040    /* Mask for DTMF 6. */
#define  DM_7        0x0080    /* Mask for DTMF 7. */
#define  DM_8        0x0100    /* Mask for DTMF 8. */
#define  DM_9        0x0200    /* Mask for DTMF 9. */
#define  DM_0        0x0400    /* Mask for DTMF 0. */
#define  DM_S        0x0800    /* Mask for DTMF *. */
#define  DM_P        0x1000    /* Mask for DTMF #. */
#define  DM_A        0x2000    /* Mask for DTMF a. */
#define  DM_B        0x4000    /* Mask for DTMF b. */
#define  DM_C        0x8000    /* Mask for DTMF c. */

 *  Standard DTMF Tone Ids
#define TN_DTMF_1            0x8001
#define TN_DTMF_2            0x8002
#define TN_DTMF_3            0x8003
#define TN_DTMF_4            0x8004
#define TN_DTMF_5            0x8005
#define TN_DTMF_6            0x8006
#define TN_DTMF_7            0x8007
#define TN_DTMF_8            0x8008
#define TN_DTMF_9            0x8009
#define TN_DTMF_STAR            0x800e
#define TN_DTMF_0            0x8000
#define TN_DTMF_POUND            0x800f
#define TN_DTMF_A            0x800a
#define TN_DTMF_B            0x800b
#define TN_DTMF_C            0x800c
#define TN_DTMF_D            0x800d

 * Macros to get the parts out of a parameter ID
#define parmtype(id) (((id) >> 8) & 0xF)   /* High byte, lo nibble */
#define parmnumb(id) (((id) & 0xFF) - 1)   /* Low byte */

 * D/4x Parameter Type Equates
#define PT_BD        0      /* Board parameter */
#define PT_CH        1      /* Channel parameter */

 * Defines used by the parameter functions
#define PM_BD        0x00800000L   /* Board Level Parameter */
#define PM_CH        0x00000000L   /* Channel Level Parameter */

#define PM_DXXX      0x00000000L   /* D/xxx Parameter */
#define PM_D12X      0x01000000L   /* D/12x Parameter */
#define PM_MF40      0x02000000L   /* MF/40 Parameter */
#define PM_D12XDEV   0x04000000L

#define PM_FW        0x00000000L   /* Firmware Parameter */
#define PM_DRV       0x08000000L   /* Driver Parameter */
#define PM_LIB       0x10000000L   /* Library Parameter */

#define PRM_DEST     0x18000000L
#define PRM_DEVTYP   0x07000000L
#define PRM_DATTYP   0xE0000000L
#define PRM_NUM      0x0000FFFFL
#define PRM_TERM     0x007F0000L

#define PM_BYTE      0x00000000L   /* Byte */
#define PM_SHORT     0x20000000L   /* Short */
#define PM_INT       0x40000000L   /* Int */
#define PM_LONG      0x60000000L   /* Long */
#define PM_VLSTR     0x80000000L   /* Variable Length String */
#define PM_FLSTR     0xA0000000L   /* Fixed Length String */

#define PM_VLSTR_MAXLEN 128 /* Max Length for Variable Length Parms */

/* DTMF anti-talkoff during playback */
#define DXCH_DTMFTLK    ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_CH) | 0x0101L)

/* DTMF debounce time */
#define DXCH_DTMFDEB    ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_CH) | 0x0201L)

/* DTMF initiation bitmap */

/* Delay after ring recvd before winking */
#define DXCH_WINKDLY    ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_CH) | 0x0204L)

/* Duration of wink (off-hook state) */
#define DXCH_WINKLEN    ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_CH) | 0x0205L)

/* Min LC on to be recognized as wink */

/* Max LC on to be recognized as wink */

/* Length of DTMF digit for dialing */
#define DXCH_TTDATA     ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_CH) | 0x0208L)

/* Length of TT inter digit delay */
#define DXCH_T_IDD      ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_CH) | 0x0209L)

/* Length of ADSI alert tone */

/* Time to wait for DTMF A */

/* Length of DTMF to accept */

/* Pause after end of DTMF */

/* Level to generate CAS tone */

/* MF detection mask */
#define DXCH_MFMODE     ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_MF40|PM_CH) | 0x0201L)

/* Diagnostic mask */
#define DXCH_MFDIAG     ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_MF40|PM_CH) | 0x0202L)

/* Per channel dig rate: play (D/xxx only) */

/* Per channel dig rate: rec (D/xxx only)*/

/* DTMF detection edge select */
#define DXCH_DFLAGS     ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_CH) | 0x0801L)

/* Per channel ring count */

/* Enable/disable Caller ID */
#define DXCH_CALLID     ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_CH) | 0x0E04L)

/* Enable/disable Caller ID values */
#define DX_CALLIDDISABLE   0x0000   /* Disable Caller ID */
#define DX_CALLIDENABLE    0x0001   /* Enable Caller ID */

/* Enable/disable Audio line-in */

/* Enable/disable Audio line-in values */
#define DX_LINEINDISABLE   0x0000   /* Disable audio line-in connection */
#define DX_LINEINENABLE    0x0001   /* Enable audio line-in connection */

/* DTMF Digit buffering mode */

/* Per channel I/O buffer Parameters */
#define DXCH_XFERBUFSIZE ((PM_SHORT|PM_LIB|PM_DXXX|PM_CH) | 0x0003L)            //sets both
#define DXCH_RXDATABUFSIZE ((PM_SHORT|PM_LIB|PM_DXXX|PM_CH) | 0x0004L)      //record only
#define DXCH_TXDATABUFSIZE ((PM_SHORT|PM_LIB|PM_DXXX|PM_CH) | 0x0005L)      //play only
#define DXCH_NUMRXBUFFERS ((PM_SHORT|PM_LIB|PM_DXXX|PM_CH) | 0x0006L)      //num record
#define DXCH_NUMTXBUFFERS ((PM_SHORT|PM_LIB|PM_DXXX|PM_CH) | 0x0007L)      //num play

//per channel tone trimming

/* Per channel EC TAP */

/* ASR Barge-in channel parameters */
#define DXCH_VADTIMEOUT           ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_CH) | 0x0213L)
#define DXCH_SPEECHSNR            ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_CH) | 0x0214L)
#define DXCH_SPEECHTHRESH         ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_CH) | 0x0215L)

/* DTMF Digit buffering modes */
#define DX_DIGCYCLIC    1    /* Cyclic shift digits once buffer is full */
#define DX_DIGTRUNC     2    /* Truncate digits once buffer is full */

/* Channel I/O transfer buffer identifiers */
#define BUF_4K    0
#define BUF_8K    1
#define BUF_16K   2
#define BUF_2K    4
#define BUF_1K    5
#define BUF_1_5K  6
#define BUF_DFLT  BUF_8K

 * Board Parameters
/* Size of the ping-pong PLAY buffers on board */

/* Size of the ping-pong RECORD buffers on board */

/* Flash character in dial string */

/* Init delay time */
#define DXBD_INITDLY    ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x0302L)

/* Min time of LC on for LPD */
#define DXBD_MINPDON    ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x0303L)

/* Min time of LC off for LPD */

/* Length of DTMF digit for dialing*/
#define DXBD_TTDATA     ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x0305L)

/* Min time of silence on for APD */
#define DXBD_MINSLON    ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x0306L)

/* Min time for silence off for APD */

/* Min time for dti signal on */
#define DXBD_MINTION    ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x0308L)

/* Min time for dti signal off*/

/* Edge of ring detection */
#define DXBD_R_EDGE     ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x030AL)

/* Flash time during dialing */
#define DXBD_FLASHTM    ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x0401L)

/* Pause time during dialing */
#define DXBD_PAUSETM    ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x0402L)

/* Minimum off-hook time */

/* Length of pulse dialing make */
#define DXBD_P_MK       ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x0404L)

/* Length of pulse dialing break */
#define DXBD_P_BK       ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x0405L)

/* Length of pulse inter digit delay*/
#define DXBD_P_IDD      ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x0406L)

/* Length of TT inter digit delay */
#define DXBD_T_IDD      ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x0407L)

/* Delay before offhook finished */
#define DXBD_OFFHDLY    ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x0408L)

/* Min time for ring detection*/
#define DXBD_R_ON       ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x0409L)

/* Min time for for the end of a ring*/
#define DXBD_R_OFF      ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x040AL)

/* Max wait between rings */
#define DXBD_R_IRD      ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x040BL)

/* Silence on and off debounce time */
#define DXBD_S_BNC      ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x040CL)

/* Min interpulse digit time for LPD */
#define DXBD_MINIPD     ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x040DL)

/* Min time of lc off before message*/

/* Max time for lc off for LPD */

/* Min time for silence on for APD */
#define DXBD_MINISL     ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x0410L)

/* Max time for silence off for  APD */

/* Either a D/40 or D/41 */
#define DXBD_HWTYPE     ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x0601L)

/* Number of channels on board */
#define DXBD_CHNUM      ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x0602L)

/* System configuration */
#define DXBD_SYSCFG     ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_DXXX|PM_BD) | 0x0604L)

 * NOTE: Must use PM_CH instead of PM_BD on MF40 paramters.
/* Min time for MF detection */
#define DXBD_MFMINON    ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_MF40|PM_CH) | 0x0101L)

/* Duration of MF tone during dial */
#define DXBD_MFTONE     ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_MF40|PM_CH) | 0x0102L)

/* Inter-digit delay during MF dialing */
#define DXBD_MFDELAY    ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_MF40|PM_CH) | 0x0103L)

/* Duration of LKP tone during MF dialing */
#define DXBD_MFLKPTONE  ((PM_SHORT|PM_FW|PM_MF40|PM_CH) | 0x0104L)

 * Board Parameter values

 * When a rings received message is sent (BD_R_EDGE)
#define ET_RON       1   /* At the beginning of the ring */
#define ET_ROFF      2   /* At the end of the ring */

 * Channel Mode values
#define MD_ADPCM     0x0000    /* ADPCM data (the default) */
#define MD_PCM       0x0100    /* Mu-Law PCM data */
#define MD_FFT       0x0200    /* FFT data (debugging) */
#define MD_GAIN      0x0000    /* AGC on */
#define MD_NOGAIN    0x1000    /* AGC off */
#define PM_TONE      0x0001    /* Tone initiated play/record */
#define RM_TONE      PM_TONE
#define PM_SR6       0x2000    /* 6KHz sampling rate (digitization) */
#define PM_SR8       0x4000    /* 8KHz sampling rate (digitization) */
#define RM_SR6       PM_SR6
#define RM_SR8       PM_SR8
#define PM_ALAW      0x0020    /* Play A-Law data         */
#define RM_ALAW      PM_ALAW   /* Record data using A-Law */
#define PM_DTINIT    0x0002    /* Play with DTMF init */
#define RM_DTINIT    PM_DTINIT /* Record with DTMF init */
#define PM_DTINITSET 0x0010 | PM_DTINIT /* Play with DTMF init set */
#define RM_DTINITSET PM_DTINITSET   /* Record with DTMF init set */
#define R2_COMPELDIG 0x0400    /* R2MF Compelled signalling */

 * dx_stopch modes
#define EV_NOSTOP    0x200     /* Have dx_stopch queue an event if channel is idle */

 * Channel modes for ADSI support
#define PM_RAW       0x0200    /* Raw playback mode */
#define PM_ADSI      0x0080    /* ADSI playback mode */

#define PM_NOREADWRITE  0x0400 /* Don't perform read/writes */
#define PM_BARGEIN      0x0800 /* Enable bargein during playback */

#define PM_BARGEIN_VADOFF       0x1000
#define RM_BARGEIN             0x0800

 * dx_dial modes
#define DX_CNGTONE      2      /* Generate CNG tone after dialing */


 * Alternate defines for DE_SILOF, DM_SILOF, DE_LCOF, DM_LCOF
#define DE_LCOFF     DE_LCOF
#define DM_LCOFF     DM_LCOF

 * Define's for Mode Checking
#define MD_SELECT    (MD_PCM)    

#define EV_ASYNC     0x8000
#define EV_SYNC      0x0000

 * Raw Line Status Defines
#define RLS_SILENCE  0x80  /* Sil Bit in Raw Line Status */
#define RLS_DTMF     0x40  /* DTMF Signal Bit in Raw Line Status */
#define RLS_LCSENSE  0x20  /* Loop Current Sense Bit in Raw Line Status */
#define RLS_RING     0x10  /* Ring Detect Bit in Raw Line Status */
#define RLS_HOOK     0x08  /* Hook Switch Status Bit in Raw Line Status */
#define RLS_RINGBK   0x04  /* Audible Ringback Detect Bit in Raw Line Status */

 * GTD Defines
#define DM_TONEON    0x01  /* Tone ON Mask */
#define DM_TONEOFF   0x02  /* Tone OFF Mask */

#define TONEALL      0xFFFFFFFF   /* Enable/Disable All Tone ID's */

#define TN_SINGLE    0     /* Single Tone */
#define TN_DUAL      1     /* Dual Tone */

 * Template Modes and Frequency for GTD
#define TN_FREQDEV   5     /* Frequency Deviation */

#define TN_CADENCE   0x01  /* Cadence Detection */
#define TN_LEADING   0x02  /* Leading Edge Detection */
#define TN_TRAILING  0x04  /* Trailing Edge Detection */

//defines for Call Progress Analysis function
#define CA_SIT            0x01            // look for a previously defined SIT tone
#define CA_PAMD      0x02            // use a previously defined PAMD template
#define CA_PVD            0x04            // use a previously defined PVD template.

 * Digit Type Values for User-Defined Tone Templates for GTD
#define DG_USER1     5     /* User Defined Tone */
#define DG_USER2     6     /* User Defined Tone */
#define DG_USER3     7     /* User Defined Tone */
#define DG_USER4     8     /* User Defined Tone */
#define DG_USER5     9     /* User Defined Tone */
#define MAKE_DIGTYPE(id,digit) ((((id)<<8))|digit)

 ** Speed and Volume Control Defines
#define SV_SPEEDTBL     0x01     /* Modify Speed */
#define SV_VOLUMETBL    0x02     /* Modify Volume */

#define SV_ABSPOS       0x00     /* Absolute Position */
#define SV_RELCURPOS    0x10     /* Relative to Current Position */
#define SV_TOGGLE       0x20     /* Toggle */

#define SV_WRAPMOD      0x0010
#define SV_SETDEFAULT   0x0020
#define SV_LEVEL        0x0100
#define SV_BEGINPLAY    0x0200

 * Toggle Modes for Play Adjustment Conditions
#define SV_TOGORIGIN    0x00  /* Toggle Between Origin and Last */
                              /* Modified Position */
#define SV_CURORIGIN    0x01  /* Reset Current Position to Origin */
#define SV_CURLASTMOD   0x02  /* Reset Current Position to Last */
                              /* Modified Position */
#define SV_RESETORIG    0x03  /* Reset Current Position and Last */
                              /* Modified State to Origin */

 * Defines for dx_addspddig()
#define SV_ADD10PCT   1    /* Speed up Play-Back 10 Percent */
#define SV_ADD20PCT   2    /* Speed up Play-Back 20 Percent */
#define SV_ADD30PCT   3    /* Speed up Play-Back 30 Percent */
#define SV_ADD40PCT   4    /* Speed up Play-Back 40 Percent */
#define SV_ADD50PCT   5    /* Speed up Play-Back 50 Percent */
#define SV_SUB10PCT  -1    /* Slow Down Play-Back 10 Percent */
#define SV_SUB20PCT  -2    /* Slow Down Play-Back 20 Percent */
#define SV_SUB30PCT  -3    /* Slow Down Play-Back 30 Percent */
#define SV_SUB40PCT  -4    /* Slow Down Play-Back 40 Percent */

#define SV_NORMAL    0xFF  /* Set Play-Back to Normal Speed/Volume */

 * Defines for dx_addvoldig()
#define SV_ADD2DB     1    /* Increase Play-Back Volume by 2db */
#define SV_ADD4DB     2    /* Increase Play-Back Volume by 4db */
#define SV_ADD6DB     3    /* Increase Play-Back Volume by 6db */
#define SV_ADD8DB     4    /* Increase Play-Back Volume by 8db */
#define SV_SUB2DB    -1    /* Decrease Play-Back Volume by 2db */
#define SV_SUB4DB    -2    /* Decrease Play-Back Volume by 4db */
#define SV_SUB6DB    -3    /* Decrease Play-Back Volume by 6db */
#define SV_SUB8DB    -4    /* Decrease Play-Back Volume by 8db */

#define IGNORESTATE   1

 * Wave file support defines
 * File formats
#define FILE_FORMAT_VOX    1     /* Dialogic VOX format */
#define FILE_FORMAT_WAVE   2     /* Microsoft Wave format */
#define FILE_FORMAT_NONE   3     /* No file being used */

 * Sampling rate
#define DRT_6KHZ           0x30  /* 6KHz */
#define DRT_8KHZ           0x40  /* 8KHz */
#define DRT_11KHZ          0x58  /* 11KHz */

 * Data format
#define DATA_FORMAT_DIALOGIC_ADPCM            0x1            /* OKI ADPCM */
#define DATA_FORMAT_ALAW                        0x3            /* alaw PCM  */
#define DATA_FORMAT_G726                        0x4            /* G.726     */
#define DATA_FORMAT_MULAW                        0x7            /* mulaw PCM */
#define DATA_FORMAT_PCM                              0x8            /* PCM       */
#define DATA_FORMAT_G729A                        0x0C      /* CELP coder */
#define DATA_FORMAT_GSM610                        0x0D      /* Microsoft GSM (backward compatible*/
#define DATA_FORMAT_GSM610_MICROSOFT      0x0D      /* Microsoft GSM */
#define DATA_FORMAT_GSM610_ETSI                  0x0E      /* ETSI standard framing */
#define DATA_FORMAT_GSM610_TIPHON            0x0F      /* ETSI TIPHON bit order */
#define DATA_FORMAT_LC_CELP                  0x10            /* Lucent CELP Coder */
#define DATA_FORMAT_TRUESPEECH                  0x10            /* TRUESPEECH Coder */
#define DATA_FORMAT_FFT             0xFF  /* fft data  */

 * dx_gtsernum() subfunctions
#define GS_SN  0x0000   /* ret. board serial #, 8 bytes ASCIIZ string */
#define GS_SSN 0x0001   /* ret. board silicon serial number, 8 bytes */

 * Channel I/O status defines
#ifndef IN_SERVICE
#define IN_SERVICE  0      /* Put the channel back into service */
#define OUT_SERVICE 1      /* Take the channel out of service */

 * Event block structure
 * [NOTE: All user-accessible structures must be defined so as to be
 *        unaffected by structure packing.]
typedef struct dx_eblk {
   unsigned short  ev_event;     /* Event that occured */
   unsigned short  ev_data;      /* Event-specific data */
   unsigned char   ev_rfu[12];   /* RFU for packing-independence */

 * Call Status Transition Structure
 * [NOTE: All user-accessible structures must be defined so as to be
 *        unaffected by structure packing.]
typedef struct dx_cst {
   unsigned short cst_event;     /* CST Event */
   unsigned short cst_data;      /* Data Associated with the Event */

 * Speed and Volume Control typedefs

 * Speed/Volume Condition Block
typedef struct dx_svcb {
   unsigned short type;       /* Bit Mask */
   short          adjsize;    /* Adjustment Size */
   unsigned char  digit;      /* ASCII digit value that causes the action */
   unsigned char  digtype;    /* Digit Type (e.g. 0 = DTMF) */

 * Speed/Volume Modification Table
typedef struct dx_svmt {
  char decrease[ 10 ];        /* Ten Downward Steps */
  char origin;                /* Regular Speed and Volume */
  char increase[ 10 ];        /* Ten Upward Steps */

 * Standard Call Progress Signal Definitions
#define CP_DIAL                 dx_get_tngencad ( 1 )  
#define CP_REORDER              dx_get_tngencad ( 2 )  
#define CP_BUSY                 dx_get_tngencad ( 3 )  
#define CP_RINGBACK1            dx_get_tngencad ( 4 )  
#define CP_RINGBACK2            dx_get_tngencad ( 5 )  
#define CP_RINGBACK1_CALLWAIT   dx_get_tngencad ( 6 )  
#define CP_RINGBACK2_CALLWAIT   dx_get_tngencad ( 7 )
#define CP_RECALL_DIAL          dx_get_tngencad ( 8 )
#define CP_INTERCEPT            dx_get_tngencad ( 9 )
#define CP_CALLWAIT1            dx_get_tngencad ( 10 )
#define CP_CALLWAIT2            dx_get_tngencad ( 11 )
#define CP_BUSY_VERIFY_A        dx_get_tngencad ( 12 )
#define CP_BUSY_VERIFY_B        dx_get_tngencad ( 13 )
#define CP_EXEC_OVERRIDE        dx_get_tngencad ( 14 )
#define CP_FEATURE_CONFIRM      dx_get_tngencad ( 15 )
#define CP_MSG_WAIT_DIAL        dx_get_tngencad ( 16 ) // Same as CP_STUTTER_DIAL
#define CP_STUTTER_DIAL         dx_get_tngencad ( 16 ) // Same as CP_MSG_WAIT_DIAL
#define MAX_CP_TONES            16

 * Tone Generation Template
typedef struct {
   unsigned short tg_dflag;   /* Dual Tone - 1, Single Tone - 0 */
   unsigned short tg_freq1;   /* Frequency for Tone 1 (HZ) */
   unsigned short tg_freq2;   /* Frequency for Tone 2 (HZ) */
   short          tg_ampl1;   /* Amplitude for Tone 1 (db) */
   short          tg_ampl2;   /* Amplitude for Tone 2 (db) */
   short          tg_dur;     /* Duration of the Generated Tone */
                              /* Units = 10ms */

 * Cadenced Tone Generation Template
typedef struct {
   unsigned char cycles;      /* Number of cycles */
   unsigned char numsegs;     /* Number of tones */
   short         offtime[4];  /* Array of durations, one for each tone */
   TN_GEN        tone[4];     /* Array of tone templates */

 * Transfer parameter block
 typedef struct {
   unsigned short wFileFormat;    /* file format */
   unsigned short wDataFormat;    /* data encoding */
   unsigned long  nSamplesPerSec; /* sampling rate */
   unsigned short wBitsPerSample; /* bits per sample */

 * FEATURE_TABLE structure
typedef struct feature_table {
   unsigned short ft_play;
   unsigned short ft_record;
   unsigned short ft_tone;
   unsigned short ft_e2p_brd_cfg;
   unsigned short ft_fax;
   unsigned short ft_front_end;
   unsigned short ft_misc;
   unsigned short ft_send;
   unsigned short ft_receive;
   unsigned short ft_rfu[6];

 * Defines for features supported on a device.
 * Use with the feature table obtained from dx_getfeaturelist.
/* Play and Record features */
#define FT_ADPCM           0x0001
#define FT_PCM             0x0002
#define FT_ALAW            0x0004
#define FT_ULAW            0x0008
#define FT_LINEAR          0x0010
#define FT_ITU_G_726       0x0020
#define FT_ADSI            0x0040
#define FT_RAW64KBIT       0x0080
#define FT_DRT6KHZ         0x0100
#define FT_DRT8KHZ         0x0200
#define FT_DRT11KHZ        0x0400
//07-07-1999[cjl] added these defines ******************************************
#define FT_FFT                              0x0800
#define FT_FSK_OH                        0x1000
#define FT_G729A                        0x2000
#define FT_MSGSM                        0x4000

/* GTD and GTD features */
#define FT_GTDENABLED      0x0001
#define FT_GTGENABLED      0x0002
#define FT_CADENCE_TONE    0x0004

/* E2P features */
#define FT_CALLP           0x0002
#define FT_MF_TONE_DETECT  0x0004
#define FT_DPD             0x0020
#define FT_SYNTELLECT      0x0040
#define FT_ECR                              0x0080
#define FT_CSP                              0x0100

/* FAX features */
#define FT_FAX             0x0001
#define FT_VFX40           0x0002
#define FT_VFX40E          0x0004
#define FT_VFX40E_PLUS     0x0008
#define FT_FAX_EXT_TBL         0x10
#define FT_SENDFAX_TXFILE_ASCII      0x02
#define FT_RS_SHARE        0x20
#define RSC_FAX            0x34
#define RSC_ASSIGNED       1
#define RSC_NOTASSIGNED    0

/* FrontEnd features */
#define FT_ANALOG          0x0001
#define FT_EARTH_RECALL    0x0002

/* Feature Options */
#define FT_CALLERID        0x0001

 * Type definition for Channel/Timeslot device info structure and its values
#ifndef __CT_DEVINFO__
#define __CT_DEVINFO__

 * CT_DEVINFO structure
typedef struct ct_devinfo {
   unsigned long  ct_prodid;
   unsigned char  ct_devfamily;
   unsigned char  ct_devmode;
   unsigned char  ct_nettype;
   unsigned char  ct_busmode;
   unsigned char  ct_busencoding;
   unsigned char  ct_rfu[7];

 * Value defines
/* device family */
#define CT_DFD41D                    0x01
#define CT_DFD41E         0x02
#define CT_DFSPAN         0x03
#define CT_DFMSI          0x04
#define CT_DFDM3          0x05

/* device mode */
#define CT_DMNETWORK      0x00
#define CT_DMRESOURCE     0x01

/* network type */
#define CT_NTNONE         0x00
#define CT_NTT1           0x01
#define CT_NTE1           0x02
#define CT_NTANALOG       0x03
#define CT_NTMSI          0x04
#define CT_NTIPT          0x05

/* bus mode */
#define CT_BMPEB          0x00
#define CT_BMSCBUS        0x01
#define CT_BMH100                    0x06

/* bus encoding */
#define CT_BEULAW         0x00
#define CT_BEALAW         0x01

#define DT_ADSI            0x0001
#define DT_RAWDATA      0x0002

 * ADSI data transfer modes
#define ADSI_ALERT            0x000A
#define ADSI_NOALERT            0x0005
#define ADSI_ONHOOK_SEIZURE      0x0009
#define ADSI_ONHOOK_NOSEIZURE      0x000B

 * ADSI data transfer structure
typedef struct _ADSI_XFERSTRUC {
   UINT            cbSize;
   DWORD      dwTxDataMode;
   DWORD      dwRxDataMode;
 * RAW data transfer modes
#define RAW_64KBIT            0x0006

 * RAW data transfer structure
typedef struct _RAWDATA_XFERSTRUC {
   UINT            cbSize;
   DWORD      dwTxDataMode;
   DWORD      dwRxDataMode;


 * Type definition for SCBus Timeslots information structure.
#ifndef __SC_TSINFO__
#define __SC_TSINFO__
typedef struct sc_tsinfo {
   unsigned long  sc_numts;
   long          *sc_tsarrayp;

 * Type definition for ECR Characteristic Table structure.
#ifndef __DX_ECRCT__
#define __DX_ECRCT__
typedef struct dx_ecrct {
   int  ct_length;            /* Sizeof this structure */
   unsigned char ct_NLPflag;      /* NLP required during echo-cancellation? */

#define SIZE_OF_ECR_CT sizeof(DX_ECRCT)
#define ECR_CT_ENABLE  0
#define ECR_CT_DISABLE 1

 * Definition for Read/Write Callback Routine

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {               // C Plus Plus function bindings
#define extern

 *      Useful declaration specification.
 *      Module Definition file compatibility.
#ifdef __USING_DEF_FILE__

#ifdef DllExport
#undef DllExport

#ifdef DllImport
#undef DllImport

#ifdef DllLinkage
#undef DllLinkage

#define DllExport
#define DllImport
#define DllLinkage extern

#else      /* __USING_DEF_FILE__      */

#ifndef DllExport
#define DllExport      __declspec( dllexport )
#endif      /*      Dllexport      */

#ifndef DllImport
#define DllImport __declspec( dllimport )
#endif      /*      Dllimport      */

#ifdef _VOX_DLL
#define      DllLinkage      DllExport
#define DllLinkage      DllImport

#endif      /* __USING_DEF_FILE__      */

#undef DllLinkage
#define DllLinkage    

#if (defined (__BORLANDC__) || defined (__cplusplus) || defined( __STDC__ ))

/* Function Prototypes - ANSI C & C++ */

DllLinkage int __cdecl ag_getctinfo( int chDev, CT_DEVINFO *ct_devinfop);
DllLinkage int __cdecl ag_getxmitslot( int chDev, SC_TSINFO *sc_tsinfop);
DllLinkage int __cdecl ag_listen( int chDev, SC_TSINFO *sc_tsinfop );
DllLinkage int __cdecl ag_unlisten( int chDev );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_addspddig( int chdev, char digit, short adjval );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_addtone( int chdev, unsigned char digit, unsigned char digtype );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_addvoldig( int chdev, char digit, short adjval );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_adjsv( int chdev, unsigned short tabletype,
                        unsigned short action, unsigned short adjsize );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_blddt( unsigned int id,   unsigned freq1, unsigned int fq1dev,
                                        unsigned int freq2, unsigned int fq2dev,
                                        unsigned int mode );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_blddtcad( unsigned int ToneID,
                        unsigned int freq1,   unsigned int fq1dev,
                        unsigned int freq2,   unsigned int fq2dev,
                        unsigned int OnTime,  unsigned int OnTimeDev,
                        unsigned int OffTime, unsigned int OffTimeDev,
                        unsigned int repcnt );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_bldst( unsigned int ToneID, unsigned int freq, unsigned int fqdev,
                     unsigned int mode );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_bldstcad( unsigned int ToneID,
                        unsigned int freq, unsigned int fqdev,
                        unsigned int OnTime,  unsigned int OnTimeDev,
                        unsigned int OffTime, unsigned int OffTimeDev,
                        unsigned int repcnt );
DllLinkage void __cdecl dx_bldtngen( TN_GEN *tngenp,
                        unsigned short freq1, unsigned short freq2,
                        short amplitude1,    short amplitude2, short duration );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_chgfreq( int tonetype, int fq1, int dv1, int fq2, int dv2 );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_chgdur( int typetype, int on, int ondv, int off, int offdv );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_chgrepcnt( int tonetype, int repcount );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_chgqualid( int qualid );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_close( int dev );
DllLinkage void __cdecl dx_clrcap( DX_CAP *capp );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_clrdigbuf( int chdev );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_clrsvcond( int chdev );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_clrtpt( DV_TPT *tptp, int size );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_comtest( int chdev );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_deltones( int chdev );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_dial( int chdev, const char *dialstrp, const DX_CAP *capp, unsigned short mode );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_distone( int chdev, int toneID, int evtMask );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_enbtone( int chdev, int ToneID, int evtMask );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getcursv( int chdev, int *curvolp, int *curspeedp );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getctinfo( int chDev, CT_DEVINFO *ct_devinfop);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getdig( int chdev, const DV_TPT *tptp, DV_DIGIT *digitp,
                        unsigned short mode );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getevt( int chdev, DX_EBLK *eblkp, int timeout );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getfeaturelist( int chDev, FEATURE_TABLE *feature_tablep);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getparm( int dev, unsigned long parm, void * valuep );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getsvmt( int ChDev, unsigned short tableType, DX_SVMT *svmtp );
DllLinkage TN_GENCAD * __cdecl dx_get_tngencad( unsigned int toneid );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getuio(DX_UIO *appuiop);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getxmitslot( int chDev, SC_TSINFO *sc_tsinfop);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_initcallp( int chdev );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_listen( int chDev, SC_TSINFO *sc_tsinfop );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_open( const char *namep, int oflags );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_pause( int chDev);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_play( int ChDev, DX_IOTT *iottp, const DV_TPT *tptp,
                        unsigned short mode );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_playf(int ChDev, const char *fNamep, const DV_TPT *tptp, unsigned short mode);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_playtone( int ChDev, const TN_GEN *tngenp, const DV_TPT *tptp, int mode );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_playtoneEx( int ddd, const TN_GENCAD *tngencadp, const DV_TPT *tptp, int mode );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_readsram(int ChDev, PUCHAR pBuffer, int BufferSize, int Offset, PCHAR pFileName );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_rec(int ChDev, DX_IOTT *iottp, const DV_TPT *tptp, unsigned short mode);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_recf( int ChDev, const char *fNamep, const DV_TPT *tptp, unsigned short mode);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_resume( int chDev);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_route( int BdDev, int Chan, int TimeSlot );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_routerxtx( int ddd, int channel, int rxslot, int txslot );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_sendevt( int devd, unsigned long evttype, void *evtdatap, short evtlen, unsigned short flags);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setchxfercnt(int chDev, int bufnum);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setdevuio(int chDev, DX_UIO *devuiop, DX_UIO **retuiop);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setdigtyp( int ChDev, unsigned short DigitMask );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setdigbuf( int ChDev, int Mode );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setevtmsk( int ChDev, unsigned int mask );
DllLinkage void __cdecl dx_setgtdamp( short Min1, short Max1, short Min2, short Max2 );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_sethook( int ChDev, int HookState, unsigned short mode );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setiostatus(INT SrlDevice, INT Status);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setparm( int Dev, unsigned long parm, const void * valuep );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setrings( int devd, unsigned int nrings );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_GetRscStatus (int Dev, unsigned long resourceid, int *);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_assignresource (int Dev, unsigned long resourceid);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_unassignresource (int Dev, unsigned long resourceid);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getdsprs (int Dev, unsigned long resourceid, char* ApplicationBuffer, long *lpTotalResources, long *NumDSP);

DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setsvcond( int ChDev, unsigned short numBlks, const DX_SVCB *svcbp );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setsvmt(int ChDev, unsigned short TableType, const DX_SVMT *svmtp,
                      unsigned short flag  );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_settonelen( int tonelength );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setuio( DX_UIO );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_stopch( int ChDev, unsigned short mode );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_unlisten( int chDev );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_wink( int ChDev, unsigned short mode );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_wtring( int ChDev, int numRings, int HookState, int timeout );
#if defined (__BORLANDC__) || defined (DLGC_CLIB)
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_fileopen ( const char * filep, int flags, int pmode);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filesopen ( const char * filep, int oflag, int shflag, int pmode);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_fileopen ( const char * filep, int flags, ...);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filesopen ( const char * filep, int oflag, int shflag, ...);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_fileclose ( int handle );
DllLinkage long __cdecl dx_fileseek ( int handle, long offset, int origin );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_fileread ( int handle, void * buffer, unsigned int count );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filewrite ( int handle, void * buffer, unsigned int count );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filelocking ( int handle, int mode, long bytes );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filechsize ( int handle, long size );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filecommit ( int handle );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filedup ( int handle );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filedup2 ( int handle1, int handle2 );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_fileumask ( int pmode );
DllLinkage long __cdecl dx_filetell ( int handle );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filestat ( const char * path, struct _stat * buffer );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filefstat ( int handle, struct _stat * buffer );
DllLinkage long __cdecl dx_filefilelength( int handle );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_fileisatty( int handle );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filesetmode( int handle, int mode );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_fileopen_osfhandle( long osfhandle, int flags );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_fileerrno( void );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_playiottdata( int ChDev,DX_IOTT * iottp,const DV_TPT * tptp,
                                     const DX_XPB * xpbp,unsigned short mode);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_playwav( int ChDev, const char * fNamep, const DV_TPT *tptp,
                                                         unsigned short mode);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_playvox( int ChDev, const char * fNamep, const DV_TPT *tptp,
                                     const DX_XPB * xpbp,unsigned short mode);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_reciottdata( int ChDev,DX_IOTT * iottp, const DV_TPT *tptp,
                                     DX_XPB * xpbp,unsigned short mode);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_recwav( int ChDev, const char * fNamep, const DV_TPT *tptp,
                                     DX_XPB * xpbp,unsigned short mode);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_recvox( int ChDev, const char * fNamep, const DV_TPT *tptp,
                                     DX_XPB * xpbp,unsigned short mode);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_mreciottdata( int ChDev,DX_IOTT * iottp, const DV_TPT *tptp,
                               DX_XPB * xpbp,unsigned short mode, SC_TSINFO *lpTimeSlot);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getr2mf( int Chdev, const char *src1_ptr, unsigned short src1_len,
                        const char *src2_ptr, unsigned short src2_len,
              char *dest_ptr, unsigned short dest_len, unsigned short mode);

DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_set_lasterr(int Chdev, long error);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_gtcallid( int Chdev, unsigned char *bufp);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_gtextcallid( int Chdev, int infotype, unsigned char *bufp);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_gtromsig ( int Chdev, char *bufp );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_wtcallid( int Chdev, int nrings, int timeout,unsigned char *bufp);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_SendReadRequest( INT SrlDevice, PCHAR Buffer,
                                   DWORD DataLength, DXRWROUTINE ReadCompletionRoutine );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_SendWriteRequest( INT SrlDevice, PCHAR Buffer, DWORD DataLength,
                                    DWORD BulkFlags, DXRWROUTINE WriteCompletionRoutine   );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_InitializeBargeIn( int Chdev, const DV_TPT * tptp,
                            DX_XPB *xpbp, USHORT RecordMode);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_gtsernum( int dev, int subfcn, void *buffp);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_TSFStatus( void );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_listenecr( int chDev, SC_TSINFO *sc_tsinfop );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_listenecrex( int chDev, SC_TSINFO *sc_tsinfop, void *dx_ecrctp );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_unlistenecr( int chDev );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getxmitslotecr( int chDev, SC_TSINFO *sc_tsinfop);
DllLinkage int __cdecl r2_creatfsig(int chDev, int toneid);
DllLinkage int __cdecl r2_playbsig(int chDev, int backwardsig, int forwardsig, int mode);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_BargeIn( int chDev, DX_IOTT *lpPlayIott,
                  DX_IOTT *lpRecordIott,
                  const DV_TPT *lpPlayTerminations,
                  const DV_TPT *lpRecordTerminations,
                  DX_XPB *lpPlayParams,
                  USHORT Mode);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_TxIottData( int chDev, DX_IOTT *iottp, const DV_TPT *lpTerminations, int wType,
LPVOID lpParams, USHORT mode);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_RxIottData( int chDev, DX_IOTT *iottp, const DV_TPT *lpTerminations, int wType,
LPVOID lpParams, USHORT mode);
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_TxRxIottData( int chDev, DX_IOTT *lpTxIott, const DV_TPT *lpTxTerminations, DX_IOTT
*lpRxIott, const DV_TPT *lpRxTerminations, int wType, LPVOID lpParams, USHORT mode);

 * Extended Attributes
DllLinkage char * __cdecl ATDX_BDNAMEP(  INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage char ** __cdecl ATDX_CHNAMES( INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_BDTYPE(     INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_BUFDIGS(    INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_CHNUM(      INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_DEVTYPE(    INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_DBMASK(     INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_EVTCNT(     INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_FWVER(      INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_HOOKST(     INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_LINEST(     INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_NUMCHAN(    INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_PHYADDR(    INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_PRODUCT(    INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_RINGCNT(    INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_DIGBUFMODE( INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_STATE(      INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_TERMMSK(    INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_TONEID(     INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_TRCOUNT(    INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_XFERBUFSIZE(INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_RXDATABUFSIZE(INT SrlDevice );

 * Call Analysis Extended Attributes
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_ANSRSIZ(  INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_CONNTYPE( INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_CPERROR(  INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_CPTERM(   INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_FRQDUR(   INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_FRQDUR2(  INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_FRQDUR3(  INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_FRQHZ(    INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_FRQHZ2(   INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_FRQHZ3(   INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_FRQOUT(   INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_LONGLOW(  INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_SHORTLOW( INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_SIZEHI(   INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_DTNFAIL( INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_CRTNID( INT SrlDevice );
DllLinkage int  __cdecl dx_callp (int chdev, UINT SignalWaitTime, UINT AnswerWaitTime, UINT PVDWaitTime,
                                                                   UINT PVD_Id, UINT PAMD_Id, USHORT Mode);

 * 'C' language interface functions
DllLinkage long __cdecl dx_libinit( unsigned short flags );
DllLinkage long __cdecl dx_GetDllVersion( LPDWORD fileverp, LPDWORD prodverp );


/* Function Prototypes - Old K&R C */

DllLinkage int __cdecl ag_getctinfo();
DllLinkage int __cdecl ag_getxmitslot();
DllLinkage int __cdecl ag_listen();
DllLinkage int __cdecl ag_unlisten();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_addspddig();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_addtone();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_addvoldig();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_adjsv();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_blddt();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_blddtcad();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_bldst();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_bldstcad();
DllLinkage void __cdecl dx_bldtngen();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_chgfreq();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_chgdur();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_chgrepcnt();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_chgqualid();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_close();
DllLinkage void __cdecl dx_clrcap();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_clrdigbuf();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_clrsvcond();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_clrtpt();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_comtest();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_deltones();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_dial();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_distone();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_enbtone();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getcursv();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getctinfo();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getdig();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getevt();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getfeaturelist();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getparm();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getsvmt();
DllLinkage TN_GENCAD * __cdecl dx_get_tngencad();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getuio();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getxmitslot();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_initcallp();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_listen();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_open();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_pause();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_play();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_playf();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_playtone();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_playtoneEx();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_readsram();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_rec();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_recf();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_resume();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_route();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_routerxtx();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_sendevt();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setchxfercnt();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setdevuio();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setdigtyp();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setdigbuf();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setevtmsk();
DllLinkage void __cdecl dx_setgtdamp();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_sethook();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setiostatus();
DllLinkage int __cdecl PBXpertInit();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setparm();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_GetRscStatus( );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_assignresource( );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_unassignresource( );
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getdsprs( );

DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setrings();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setsvcond();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setsvmt();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_settonelen();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_setuio();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_stopch();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_unlisten();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_wink();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_wtring();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_fileopen();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_fileclose();
DllLinkage long __cdecl dx_fileseek();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_fileread();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filewrite();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filesopen ();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filelocking();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filechsize();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filecommit();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filedup();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filedup2();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_fileumask();
DllLinkage long __cdecl dx_filetell();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filestat();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filefstat();
DllLinkage long __cdecl dx_filefilelength();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_fileisatty();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_filesetmode();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_fileopen_osfhandle();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_fileerrno();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_playiottdata();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_playwav();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_playvox();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_reciottdata();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_recwav();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_recvox();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_mreciottdata();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getr2mf();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_set_lasterr();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_gtcallid();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_gtextcallid();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_gtromsig();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_wtcallid();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_SendReadRequest();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_SendWriteRequest();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_InitializeBargeIn();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_gtsernum();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_TSFStatus();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_getxmitslotecr();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_listenecr();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_listenecrex();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_unlistenecr();
DllLinkage int __cdecl r2_creatfsig();
DllLinkage int __cdecl r2_playbsig();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_BargeIn();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_TxIottData();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_RxIottData();
DllLinkage int __cdecl dx_TxRxIottData();

 * Extended Attributes
DllLinkage char * __cdecl ATDX_BDNAMEP();
DllLinkage char ** __cdecl ATDX_CHNAMES();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_BDTYPE();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_BUFDIGS();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_CHNUM();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_DBMASK();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_DEVTYPE();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_EVTCNT();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_FWVER();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_HOOKST();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_LINEST();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_NUMCHAN();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_PHYADDR();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_PRODUCT();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_RINGCNT();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_DIGBUFMODE();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_STATE();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_TERMMSK();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_TONEID();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_TRCOUNT();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_XFERBUFSIZE();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_RXDATABUFSIZE();

 * Call Analysis Extended Attributes
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_ANSRSIZ();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_CONNTYPE();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_CPERROR();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_CPTERM();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_FRQDUR();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_FRQDUR2();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_FRQDUR3();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_FRQHZ();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_FRQHZ2();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_FRQHZ3();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_FRQOUT();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_LONGLOW();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_SHORTLOW();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_SIZEHI();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_DTNFAIL();
DllLinkage long __cdecl ATDX_CRTNID();
DllLinkage int  __cdecl dx_callp ();

 * 'C' language interface functions
DllLinkage long __cdecl dx_libinit();
DllLinkage long __cdecl dx_GetDllVersion();


#ifdef __cplusplus
}                          // C Plus Plus function bindings
#undef extern


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robert_marquardtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I will send it again. Maybe it got lost.
I use the DOS editor Brief for most changes.
The search & replace expressions are very powerful.
First convert the comments to Pascal syntax.
The #define constants go with a set of replacement macros.
The records are done by hand.
Exchanging parameter type and parameter name is also done with a set of replacement macros.
The rest of the changes are again done by hand.

I have already converted a megabyte or two so your conversion was an easy one.
Better send me the file directly to
I will give it a try.
gutianAuthor Commented:
robert_marquardt,thanks for your help,I have send the file
to you .
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and i have cut it out already and converted as far as possible :-)
I forgot to mention: i added some "// (rom)" comments where conversion was not possible.
gutianAuthor Commented:
thanks robert_marquardt,I wait for your mail.
gutianAuthor Commented:
   I am amazing for your quicking.I wanner do you do it by tools.for I have used the tool named h2pas,but it do not work well
gutianAuthor Commented:
   I am amazing for your quicking.I wanner do you do it by tools.for I have used the tool named h2pas,but it do not work well
gutianAuthor Commented:
oh, thanks for your kind help.You can send a copy to
mail to if possiable.
gutianAuthor Commented:
How can I convert the following
 *        FILE: ntapi.h
 *     VERSION: Windows Nt (Native) Production 1
 * DESCRIPTION: DTI Library Module header file for the veneer library.
 *              This library requires the Generic Driver & SRL Version 2.
 *   Copyright (c) 1993-95 Dialogic Corp. All Rights Reserved
 *   The copyright notice above does not evidence any actual or
 *   intended publication of such source code.

#ifndef __NDTAPI_H__
#define __NDTAPI_H__

#ifdef VME_SPAN
#pragma pack(1)

 * Signaling event mask values to be sent down to the firmware.
#define DTMM_AONMSK   0x0001
#define DTMM_AOFFMSK  0x0002
#define DTMM_BONMSK   0x0004
#define DTMM_BOFFMSK  0x0008
#define DTMM_WINKMSK  0x0010
#define DTMM_CONMSK   0x0100
#define DTMM_COFFMSK  0x0200
#define DTMM_DONMSK   0x0400
#define DTMM_DOFFMSK  0x0800

 * Structure to hold device descriptor and device tag identifying type of device
typedef struct {
   int ddd;
   int tag;
   int next;

 * Structure to hold pointers to library functions for all supported devices.
typedef struct {

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {   // C++ func bindings to enable C funcs to be called from C++
#define extern

#if (defined(__STDC__) || defined(__cplusplus))
   char *((*ATDT_BDSGBIT)(int));
   long   (*ATDT_BDMODE)(int);
   long   (*ATDT_DNLDVER)(int);
   long   (*ATDT_IDLEST)(int);
   long   (*ATDT_ROMVER)(int);
   long   (*ATDT_STATUS)(int);
   long   (*ATDT_TSMODE)(int);
   long   (*ATDT_TSSGBIT)(int);
   int    (*dt_assignxmitslot)(int, SC_TSINFO *, USHORT);
   int    (*dt_close)(int);
   int    (*dt_dial)(int, char *, int);
   int    (*dt_getctinfo)(int, CT_DEVINFO *);
   int    (*dt_getevtmsk)(int, int, USHORT *);
   int    (*dt_getparm)(int, ULONG, void *);
   int    (*dt_getxmitslot)(int, SC_TSINFO *);
   int    (*dt_listen)(int, SC_TSINFO *);
   int    (*dt_mtfcn)(int, UCHAR, int);
   int    (*dt_open)(char *, int);
   int    (*dt_rundiag)(int, UINT, char *);
   int    (*dt_setalrm)(int, UINT);
   int    (*dt_setevtmsk)(int, int, USHORT, int);
   int    (*dt_setidle)(int, UINT);
   int    (*dt_setparm)(int, ULONG, void *);
   int    (*dt_setsigmod)(int, UINT);
   int    (*dt_settssig)(int, USHORT, int);
   int    (*dt_settssigsim)(int, USHORT);
   int    (*dt_strtdn)(int);
   int    (*dt_tstcom)(int, int);
   int    (*dt_tstdat)(int, int);
   int    (*dt_unassignxmitslot)(int, USHORT);
   int    (*dt_unlisten)(int);
   int    (*dt_xmitalrm)(int, BYTE, UINT);
   int    (*dt_xmittone)(int, UINT);
   int    (*dt_xmitwink)(int, int);
   int    (*dt_getevt)(int, EV_EBLK *, int);
   void   (*dt_set_lasterr(int, int);
   char *((*ATDT_BDSGBIT)());
   long   (*ATDT_BDMODE)();
   long   (*ATDT_DNLDVER)();
   long   (*ATDT_IDLEST)();
   long   (*ATDT_ROMVER)();
   long   (*ATDT_STATUS)();
   long   (*ATDT_TSMODE)();
   long   (*ATDT_TSSGBIT)();
   int    (*dt_assignxmitslot)();
   int    (*dt_close)();
   int    (*dt_dial)();
   int    (*dt_getctinfo)();
   int    (*dt_getevtmsk)();
   int    (*dt_getparm)();
   int    (*dt_getxmitslot)();
   int    (*dt_listen)();
   int    (*dt_mtfcn)();
   int    (*dt_open)();
   int    (*dt_rundiag)();
   int    (*dt_setalrm)();
   int    (*dt_setevtmsk)();
   int    (*dt_setidle)();
   int    (*dt_setparm)();
   int    (*dt_setsigmod)();
   int    (*dt_settssig)();
   int    (*dt_settssigsim)();
   int    (*dt_strtdn)();
   int    (*dt_tstcom)();
   int    (*dt_tstdat)();
   int    (*dt_unassignxmitslot)();
   int    (*dt_unlisten)();
   int    (*dt_xmitalrm)();
   int    (*dt_xmittone)();
   int    (*dt_xmitwink)();
   int    (*dt_getevt)();
   void   (*dt_set_lasterr)();

#ifdef __cplusplus
#undef extern


 * Prototypes for DTI card library functions.
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {   // C++ func bindings to enable C funcs to be called from C++
#define extern

#if (defined(__STDC__) || defined(__cplusplus))
char *oATDT_BDSGBIT(int);
long  oATDT_BDMODE(int),
int   odt_assignxmitslot(int, SC_TSINFO *, USHORT),
      odt_dial(int, char *, int),
      odt_getctinfo(int, CT_DEVINFO *),
      odt_getevtmsk(int, int, USHORT *),
      odt_getparm(int, ULONG, void *),
      odt_getxmitslot(int, SC_TSINFO *),
      odt_listen(int, SC_TSINFO *),
      odt_mtfcn(int, UCHAR, int),
      odt_open(char *, int),
      odt_rundiag(int, UINT, char *),
      odt_setalrm(int, UINT),
      odt_setevtmsk(int, int, USHORT, int),
      odt_setidle(int, UINT),
      odt_setparm(int, ULONG, void *),
      odt_setsigmod(int, UINT),
      odt_settssig(int, USHORT, int),
      odt_settssigsim(int, USHORT),
      odt_tstcom(int, int),
      odt_tstdat(int, int),
      odt_unassignxmitslot(int, USHORT),
      odt_xmitalrm(int, BYTE, UINT),
      odt_xmittone(int, UINT),
      odt_xmitwink(int, int);
      odt_getevt(int, EV_EBLK *, int);
      odt_set_lasterr(int, int);
char *oATDT_BDSGBIT();
long  oATDT_BDMODE(),
int   odt_assignxmitslot(),

 * Prototypes for SPAN-DTI card library functions.
#if (defined(__STDC__) || defined(__cplusplus))
char *nATDT_BDSGBIT(int);
long  nATDT_BDMODE(int),
int   ndt_assignxmitslot(int, SC_TSINFO *, USHORT),
      ndt_dial(int, char *, int),
      ndt_getctinfo(int, CT_DEVINFO *),
      ndt_getevtmsk(int, int, USHORT *),
      ndt_getparm(int, ULONG, void *),
      ndt_getxmitslot(int, SC_TSINFO *),
      ndt_listen(int, SC_TSINFO *),
      ndt_mtfcn(int, UCHAR, int),
      ndt_open(char *, int),
      ndt_rundiag(int, UINT, char *),
      ndt_setalrm(int, UINT),
      ndt_setevtmsk(int, int, USHORT, int),
      ndt_setidle(int, UINT),
      ndt_setparm(int, ULONG, void *),
      ndt_setsigmod(int, UINT),
      ndt_settssig(int, USHORT, int),
      ndt_settssigsim(int, USHORT),
      ndt_tstcom(int, int),
      ndt_tstdat(int, int),
      ndt_unassignxmitslot(int, USHORT),
      ndt_xmitalrm(int, BYTE, UINT),
      ndt_xmittone(int, UINT),
      ndt_xmitwink(int, int);
      ndt_getevt(int, EV_EBLK *, int);
      ndt_set_lasterr(int, long);
char *nATDT_BDSGBIT();
long  nATDT_BDMODE(),
int   ndt_assignxmitslot(),

#ifdef __cplusplus
#undef extern

#ifdef VME_SPAN
#pragma pack()

gutianAuthor Commented:
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