how to encrypt data in vb

Posted on 2001-09-10
Last Modified: 2008-02-26
Is there any fuctions in vb6 to encrypt and decrypt data or any other tips
Question by:korlakris
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there is no function build-in for you to encrypt data directly form vb, but you can program one... have a look at under visual basic section, try search for "encrypt" keyword, u will find a lot of if

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No such function in VB, but here's some links:

Description: Use a one-time pad to encipher and decipher text (3K)

Description: Encipher text, part 2 (6K)

Description: Encipher text (3K)

and some more:

Description: This is a rather simple encryption program that will encrypt / decrypt any text file that is created by this application

View code...
Description: two separate functions for encrypting/decrypting a string/text file/whatever. Encrypts using only asc characters 1 - 26 and 255 which all show up as the same character on the screen (except a few), making it difficult to decrypt.

Description: This program encrypt or decrypt a text, with a key and a checksum checker. Very good program

That's it!

glass cookie ; )
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by:Ryan Chong
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Hi korlakris,

Some resources can refer:

Task: Encryption code. It allows you to type a letter and number based password used to encrypt and decrypt the text! It uses the 64 bit cipher class module that makes it EXTREMLY difficult to hack! You can use this with a electronic journal, or with and security related programs.

and a sample from

'Encryption function
Public Function Encrypt(ByVal Plain As String)
    Dim Letter As String
    For I = 1 To Len(Plain)
        Letter = Mid$(Plain, I, 1)
        Mid$(Plain, I, 1) = Chr(Asc(Letter) + 1)
    Next I
    Encrypt = Plain
End Function
'Here's the Decryption function:
Public Function Decrypt(ByVal Encrypted As String)
Dim Letter As String
    For I = 1 To Len(Encrypted)
        Letter = Mid$(Encrypted, I, 1)
        Mid$(Encrypted, I, 1) = Chr(Asc(Letter) - 1)
    Next I
    Decrypt = Encrypted
End Function

'here is sample code to test it....
Dim strMessage As String
strMessage = "Original:"
strMessage = strMessage & "This is a test" & vbCrLf
strMessage = strMessage & vbCrLf & "Encrypted:"
strMessage = strMessage & Encrypt("This is a test") & vbCrLf
strMessage = strMessage & vbCrLf & "Un-Encrypted:"
strMessage = strMessage & Decrypt(Encrypt("This is a test"))
MsgBox strMessage

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You can find some code on if you search for "Fredrik Qvarfort" too. There's a post with code for RC4, XOR, DES, Gost, TEA, Blowfish, Skipjack and Twofish. The Twofish class file contains a small bug in the Propery Let Key method though (psc won't allow me to update my code, if you want the updated code let me know).

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thank u very much for ur valuable comments

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Thanx for all the experts for ur valuable contribution

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Thank very much to all the experts.


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