find min/max values in stl container

I have following data structure:
std::vector<Vertex3D*> ArrayVertex;
which is the vector of pointers.
Class Vertex3D contains some value of type double:
double curv;
what I need is to find min/max curv in my ArrayVertex fastest way using STL.
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alex_rConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think borlip has to use min_element version with 3 arguments and the vertext_compare should look like:

bool vertex_compare( const Vertex3D* a_, const Vertex3D* b_ )
If vertex3D has comparison operators > and < that return based on curv, then you can simply use min_element and max_element.

minEl = min_element(ArrayVertex.begin(), ArrayVertex.end);

If it doesn't (probably the case) you'll have to define a function that does the comparison for you.  Something like

bool vertex_compare( const Vertex3D& a_, const Vertex3D& b_ )
  if (a_.curv > b_.curv)
     return true;
  return false;

and then use it:

minEl = min_element(ArrayVertex.begin(), ArrayVertex.end, vertex_compare);
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I would NOT recommend doing the following:
minEl = min_element(ArrayVertex.begin(), ArrayVertex.end);

min_element going to compare pointers of type Vertex3D, not the objects of type Vertex3D.

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