HELP !!!

This is the situation.
I got a contract to build a website
The original contractors only handled internet access as they were original registrant of the domain name

Well I am done with the website.

1: I arranged to transfer the domain from the ISP to
2: All that is done and working fine.
3: I have re-created all the email addresses and they work fine.
4: The ISP provides internet access for my client.
5: The problem now is... I can send/recieve email from anywhere except within my client's LAN. and they cannot browse to the domain
6: After 1 month without mail.. I am blamed for the whole catastrophe that occurred and the ISP puts it squarely on my shoulders.
7: I know that the ISP has engineers that can resolve the problem.. (Originally the domain name pointed to a system on the network.. probably a proxy or firewall.)
8: They can browse to other sites except
9: They are not being helpful at all. My client does not want to know about any squabbles we have. I stand to lose payment if it is not resolved immediately.
10: the ISP is making me look inefficient.

I don't know if this is the right place to air this .. but I need some help before friday.

Thanks a lot.

When I browse to from within their LAN, it points toa system on the network. they handled email in-house until I transferred the domain and got new POP3/SMTP IP addresses.

I will do some reading on DNS and TCP/IP i hope it helps

Help me guys
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ifinchamConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Actually the last suggestion won't work because of virtual hosts. Try just doing a 'ping' and see what IP address ping looks up - something like this :

Ping ( ...
  1  Addr:, RTT: 170ms, TTL: 106
  2  Addr:, RTT: 160ms, TTL: 107
  3  Addr:, RTT: 280ms, TTL: 107
  4  Addr:, RTT: 160ms, TTL: 106
  5  Addr:, RTT: 170ms, TTL: 106
  6  Addr:, RTT: 160ms, TTL: 107
  7  Addr:, RTT: 160ms, TTL: 107
  8  Addr:, RTT: 340ms, TTL: 107
  9  Addr:, RTT: 160ms, TTL: 107
 10  Addr:, RTT: 361ms, TTL: 106

This should tell you if the IP address is being resolved correctly from the lan.



Hows life in sunny lagos ? Reminds me of goat-pepper soup at the ikeja sheraton but thats another story....

Anyway, this is what I get from a 'dig'....

Dig ( ...
Authoritative Answer
Recursive queries supported by this server
 Query for type=255 class=1 A (Address) NS (Nameserver) NS (Nameserver) A (Address) A (Address)

and for the domain :

Dig ( ...
Authoritative Answer
Recursive queries supported by this server
 Query for type=255 class=1 A (Address) MX (Mail Exchanger) Priority: 10 NS (Nameserver) NS (Nameserver) SOA (Zone of Authority)
        Primary NS:
        Responsible person:
        refresh:10800s (3 hours)
        retry:3600s (60 minutes)
        expire:691200s (8 days)
        minimum-ttl:86400s (24 hours) NS (Nameserver) NS (Nameserver) A (Address) A (Address) A (Address)

The site works fine from here and I can telnet to port 25 on which is set as the only MX record. So it all looks fine from outside.

Can the lan clients access the internet at all ? If they can maybe its a local name-resolution issue. How are the clients configured for dns ? Try to access the site with just the IP address like this to see if its a resolution problem or a routing/firewalling problem.


This problem is localized to the client's LAN or their ISP. To solve the problem you'll have to investigate the problem from the client's LAN by using nslookup or dig from within the LAN to determine what DNS server they are using. Once you determine what DNS is being used you then need to contact whoever maintains that DNS and have them fix the problem.
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oregheAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response guys.
The Network engineer the company consults with does not know very much about networking.. So I have gotten an Expert to go down there with me to resolve this issue.
With a printed copy of this.

ifincham whenever you are down in Lagos.. send me mail.

jlevie No, the a ping from within the LAN does not resolve for only "Unknown Host"

I guess this print out will be of use

Right, a ping from within the LAN is not going to help. What you have to do is to use dig or nslookup to find out what nameserver the LAN is using when it tries to resolve
jlevie seems correct to me (cheers, Jim!).  This sounds like a DNS issue completely.  I'm guessing your 'client' had a local nameserver setup to handle the old site and email, and the workstations are still configured to use the old nameserver which still has the old info for the domain (this config should be removeed from the local nameserver, or you should just point all clients to a nameserver that knows better).

BTW, you say that email is not working from withing the LAN - please define 'not working', and give specific error messages if possible.


oregheAuthor Commented:
Thanks.. it was resolve.. somewhat oddly.
The network guy installed a msproxy client on all the workstations.. and took down the exchange server.
He said the firewall blocked access to content outside http requests.

outlook can now download mail from the domain

the also had to remove some domain record from the former ISP servers

Thank God that is all over.. I can get paid at least
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