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Error when attempting to print to postscript printer

We have a new desktop computer (HP Vectra) running Windows 2000 Professional.  We can not print to our color printer/scanner (Savin 306E aka E-300)which is a postscript printer from this PC running Windows 2000 but can print to it using our other PCs running Windows NT.  We are connecting to this network printer using port configured as TCP/IP.  We can successfully print from our Windows 2000 workstation to other network printers using a Standard TCP/IP port.  We have installed the Windows 2000 printer driver which we downloaded from the manufacturer's website.  Unfortunately we still only receive error which says "Unable to print would you like to retry"; any suggestions?
1 Solution
1) Check the readme and any documentation on the pronter and suggestions on the Site.

2) Is this server or win2k Pro ?

3) Check the 3 event logs.

4) Check to see if there are any firmware upgrades for the printer itself and/or the IP interface.

5) Is there a printer manager that checks the print status ?

6) Check for any permissions problems - especially if this is a server.

I hope this helps !
Unlike parallel port printers, network printers require that you map to the printer very much like you would map to a drive on another PC. Have you tried this?

knine has reported a problem adding comments to this question and has only been able to update this by doing an edit on original question.  I've sent this to Ian to advise.  The only options here for knine are to delete or add comments.  The profile looks fine, don't know why this problem occurs.

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knineAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both of you for your suggestions, it took a while to have our techs confirm whether any of these suggestions provided solution to our problem.


1. We had already checked all documentation and the website for the printer.  

2. We are having these printing problems only with our PC running Windows 2000 Professional.

3. The Appication, Error and Securilty Logs do not provide any information about the printer problem.

4. Since other PCs running Windows NT are succesfully printing to this pritner, our techs do not believe the problem is related to the printer and IP interface but rather unique to Windows 2000.

5. The printer manager first shows Status as "Printing" and then changes to "Error - Printing" and it stays that way until you Cancel printing.

6. The security has also been checked and is fine.

We have already set up this printer in the same way we have for our Windows NT workstations (added Standard TCP/IP port and confirgured with printer's IP address).
Are the driver Win2000 compatible though?

What does Savin have to say about this?
knineAuthor Commented:
According to Savin, the driver we are using is Windows 2000 compatible.  Per their suggestions we downloaded the following zip file and unzipped the contents:

Windows 2000
Printer Driver (PPDs)
Please refer to your user manuals for installation instructions.
Size: 77 Kb
Released: 15 June 2000

This was downloaded from:


Which we found through Savin's website at:

Can you ping the printer from the Win2k box?
knineAuthor Commented:
Yes, our tech was able to succssfully ping the printer from our PC running Windows 2000.  Our tech checked this soon after we experienced our problem.  Our tech will return from a week long Windows 2000 course on Monday and may have learned a solution. Thanks for your suggestions; I will post another comment on Monday (and hopefully close question/award points) after speaking with our tech.
Okay, we'll be here!
knineAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay in responding.  It took a while for me to get the information from our tech regarding the fix.  What fixed it is that the SNMP option had to be checked within the properties when setting up the Standard TCP/IP Port as part of Add Printer routine.  Therefore, in my opinion, the nearest comment that ties to this answer is dew_associates comments.
knineAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions.  FYI, I posted comment that specifies what we had to do to fix the problem.
Thanks knine!
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