Pad Left with Zeros in Formula Language

In Lotus Notes R5 designer, we have a field that is defined as text, editable.  It represents a number.  We want it to be a full 8 characters, and if the user keys in less than 8 characters, we want to pad it automatically on the left with zeros.  Example: if user keys 12345, we want to automatically make it to be 00012345.  

What is the Formula Language (@...) command to pad left with zeros to a specific number of total characters?
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SAKConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Write this code in Input translation of the field,
max := 8;
len := @Length(num);
@if(len >= max; @left(num;max); @Repeat("0"; max-len) + num)

blyons48Author Commented:
SAK...your solution did the trick...simple and effective...thanks!
What ?
blyons48Author Commented:
Ah!  I just tried your solution as well, and it works too, and even more sophisticated than SAK's simple one-line solution.  I guess I just jumped on the simpler looking one.  I apologize.  If I could somehow share the points between both of your good working solutions, I would.  But I've already submitted the Accept Answer.
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