Who is the 'system' user on my newly installed win2000?

After installing Win2000 I tried to add a user with name 'system'. To my surprise windows tells me that there already IS a user called 'system'!

Now, who is that? Where do I get his password or how can I change it so that I can login as 'system'?

Another question: Why is it that I do not get a login prompt after booting? I am chucked straight into the administrator account without ANY password required...

I'm stumped!

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ajpriceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Mikecr is completely right... don't mess with the system
account or you risk causing serious problems.  Best way to
describe this account is that it's the "Operating System"
account.  This is what Win2K uses to perform alot of
background services and such... you'll see it show up
often if you monitor your event logs.

For part two... although mikecr is right about how it got
that way, here's how to fix it.  Open up the control
panel, double click Users and Passwords down at the
bottom, then check the
box on the first tab that states "User must enter a
username and password to use this computer".  

I would also suggest going to the Advanced tab and checking the Ctl+Alt+Delte option as well.  This will keep trojan programs from peeking at your password when you login.

Hope this gets it for you
You cannot create a user called 'system' in Windows 2000.
You can create a user titled system1 or something to that effect.
Whenever you install Windows NT or 2000, it creates a default user called system with administrative rights to run certain services within the operating system. DO NOT mess with this account as you will find that things will suddenly stop working. You will need to create a user of a different name to be able do what it is you want to do.

To the second part of your question, when you installed the OS you were prompted with a question towards the end of the setup which asked you whether you always wanted to log into the computer as administrator or you wanted a login required at each startup and you picked the automatically login with this account.
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For someone who apparently holds an MCSE this has been one hell of a lower end of the food chain post . . . Must have been a paper certification . . .

I'm sorry Shekerra, were you talking about MJ or myself?
Sorry MJ... shouldn't have answered this one for you.  According to others on the board here I'm too qualified to waste my time with your peddly little questions...

I'll be honest here and I'm not trying to provoke or get a war of words started, but that's pretty rude shekerra. I saw a guy/girl who had a question and I gave him a hand.  I don't get paid for this and I don't have time to spend night and day on here.  I just found this board, thought it was a great idea where IT people can help each other out, and figured I'd register and help when I can.

Someone like you on every board though...

my apologies to MikeCR and MJ for having to read this
mj031297Author Commented:
Good answer ajprice! I suspected that "system" might be like a "daemon" or "bin" user on unix, but I was not certain. So I image that "system" cannot log on to the machine - which was my primary concern...

In my lab (mainly BSD's) I have setup a "system" user to perform some lower administrative tasks and I was trying to streamline this installation to the same username.

Thanks also for ponting out the steps to get the login prompt back. (Coming from a unix background I find it extremely backwards that you are allowed to login without having to enter a password anyway...)


Regarding shekerra I cannot fathom what he is on about! A friendly athmosphere is paramount when sharing our lifes interests, isn't it? Helping - not picking on each other is the thing!
No offense taken here ajprice.
We all get a little burnt out and sometimes don't realize that, I think its just a misunderstanding and should just go about our business! :>) Great work and that is why we are here! Keep up the great work. Dave
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