Homesite 4.5 problem

I have downloaded a copy of HS 4.5 and loved it. But now it is expired and can't
use it anymore. I don't want to purchase the software because it is expensive
and don't have the money for it right now.
Is there anyway to be able to use it again? I tried to un install it and re installing it again but
still say that I the trial have expired.
I really need it so bad. Please help...
Are there any other free stuff out there as good as HS?
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raizonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
FirstPage is good and its free. Very similiar to HomeSite
Homesite is only 89 bucks.. if your development needs it buy it.  First Page (as mentioned above) is pretty good.

I like Arachnophilia (nice text based editor that supports HTML tags and previews via browsers)

andy98Author Commented:
Thanks to all for the help.
As I said, I just don't have the money to buy HS now.
I downloaded firstpage and I'm happy with it.

I have deleted comments intended to get around the trialware expiration date.

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