how to setup a 3com PCI modem on Linux 2.4.2-2 RedHat 7.1?

I have a Dell Latitude 8000 and it has a 3Com 56k V.90 Mini PCI Modem (got from win2k). I am trying to configure this modem on Linux (Redhat 7.1) but have been unsuccessful. Linux does not pick it up.

When I do a lspci I see that it has been detected as a pci device on Bus 2 device 6 function 1 and is on IRQ 11 and I/O address is 0xe400.

Can someone help me get this modem setup?
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 On a command line did you try a command like the following one :

setserial /dev/ttyXX port E400 irq 11 autoconfig -v

 If it is working you should have a line with the type of serial device that you have e.g. 16550A or if it is not working you should have the work "unknown" somewhere in the answer of the above command. ttyXX can be ttyS0,ttyS1, ttyS2, ttyS3. You should first try with ttyS2 and ttyS3 because the other are probably used.

Hope this help

NivleshAuthor Commented:
when I executed the command that was given by olidel I get

setserial /dev/ttyS3 port 0xe400 irq 11 autoconfig -v

I get
/dev/ttyS3, UART unknown, Port: 0xe400, IRQ 11

what does this mean and what will I have to do?
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A good resource is the web page. From there, you will find a link to a large knowledge base of linux/modem compatability (

Without more information on the model of your modem, it is difficult to give you any specific suggestions. After checking the knowledge base, and you find that it is a "winmodem", I would suggest putting it in the nearest round file cabinate and get a real modem.

    As Moonbean said you maybe have a winmodem which will  work as best with difficulties under linux. If with hyperterminal (directed to the appropriate port e.g. COM3, COM4) under win2k you type the command ATI7 you will have a good description of your modem

Hope this help

NivleshAuthor Commented:
I have a 3com internal PCI modem/NIC Combo card and the model number is 3CN3AC1556

Went to the 3com site and all I could find was drivers for Win OS. Nothing about Linux OS? Can someone please point out to me now how to configure this modem?
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hey there, Bad News my friend,

There are currently no Linux drivers for 3Com/USRobotics PCI Modems, and the company is not interested in develop them or give away the specs so others could do the job...

Maybe, just Maybe there may be someone reverse-enginering the modems to create a driver, but as far as I know, these modems are NOT supported under Linux...

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If I may jump in here, I am new here and I do realize that I am a little bit I hope this doesn't seem rude.  However, there is a driver that will work with that card, if you use the 3com 3c589_cs driver it will in fact work.  Keep in mind it is on a RH8 sys, with a 2.4.20-8 kernel.  But I have it working now.  I use wvdial to dial out, i did have some issues with kppp.  So if I may offer some help Nivlesh, go to your favorite terminal, execute uname -r.  This will tell you what kernel you are using.  Then I suggest at the least, you update the kernel and install the 3c589_cs driver  (NOTE THE ENTIRE FILENAME)  There are a few other versions on the 3c589 that do not have the Lan and Modem capability.  Give it a shot and let us know how it went....if you are still curious that is.
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