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Hey guys I never thought it would happen but I'm stumped LOL.  My problem is that I have a mapped drive H: to another system which has an ACCESS MDB file on it that I need to query.  I've set up my ODBC ACCESS Driver and it works great if I use the SQL query analyser but when I try to use <CFQUERY> I get an error.  So I go into CF ADMIN and look at the connection and if I click on browse next to the file path field all it shows is my local drives.  It doesn't show my mapped drive H:.  This company is running CF 4.0.  Any ideas.

Thanks in advance
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DataSource verifies from the ColdFusion Administrator, but running a query generates a "Couldn't find file (unknown)" or "Couldn't Open File" ODBC Error.

When accessing a database that does not reside on the Web server / ColdFusion machine (rather on a networked Windows machine), you typically have to run the ColdFusion service under a domain user account.

By default in WinNT, the ColdFusion service starts under the System Account. However, as soon as you need to permission to go out and access another machine on the domain (to get to a database), the System account fails. To change the account under which the ColdFusion service runs:

1. Open the NT Control panel
2. Open Services
3. Select "Allaire ColdFusion 2.0"
4. Hit startup and under "Log On As" select "This Account"
5. Specify a domain user account in the form of  NTDomainName\NTDomainUserName
6. Enter the password and confirm it
7. Hit OK repeatedly to exit
8. Stop and start the ColdFusion service so the changes take.
The most scalable thing to do is to create a domain user account specifically for ColdFusion. Make "cfusion" a machine administator on the Web server / CF box to make sure that CF has full priveleges on its own machine. In addition, make "cfusion" a domain user in order to selectively grant it access anywhere on the NT domain.

Hope this helps

I believe that CF Server doesn't recognize networked/mapped drives.. this was a discussion that occurred about a year or so back.  I forget what the ultimate solution was but try searching for networked drive related questions.

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Thanks CJ
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That worked like a friggin charm bro.  I should have known that in the first place.  Thanks alot Doug.

Great answer!
No prob bro, glad I could help.

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