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We are trying to setup the SQL Agent Proxy account on sql 2000 so that non system admins can exec xp_cmdshell but everytime that we try and type in a account password and domain it comes back and tells us that the specified user can not login.  Does anybody know how to make this work?
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MindphaserConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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without sysadmin grant xp_cmdshell may not be executed.

If you want to execute a sproc you need to run it either as machine local admin windows account or sa which gets resolved to the same security descriptor and permissions by SQL Server. This is not a limitation, but rather last defence for allowing only security principals to execute procedure that can destroy server in one easy command line. If all the trouble is that the account is windows  and the user is failing to logon on SQL Server, set the user as a machine administrator by adding user account to the Administrator's group on the local machine via compmgmt.msc applet. You can try various security settings, but by letting user to execute xp_cmdshell you are in fact entrusting the user - person - with highest permissions can be granted.

curtis591Author Commented:
What we are trying to do is switch the sql server agent proxy agent.  Right click on sql agent in MMC ---> properties ----> unclick only user with sys....... pops up the box for username password and domain and no matter what we type into this box it seems to just spit back the error message without any pause.   The account we are trying to login in with is part of the System Administrators on the sql server and in the Administrator group on the server.
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I tried to go into EM and found no pop - up dialog in the SQL Server agent. I checked on SQL Server 2000.

Opened EM
Navigated to Management
Open SQL Server Agent
Right Click
on the left most tab dialog choice of account to run the service, the choice is between local "system" and domain account by radio button. I have a windows account that is a member of local machine Adinistrator group running server.
I switched the account to a different windows account, account with no privilages on the box at all, just the member of a domain.

On the right most tab there is a choice of connecting to local SQL Server ( if you have named instantce(s) installed it will have a choice of virtual server instances intalled on the local machine ) where you can map a windows account on SQL Server account. I selected account "sa" ( if you try to put in windows account, it should be setup as a valid logon name on SQL Server and granted membership in sysadmin role on SQL Server ,) filled out dialog with incorrect password and got kicked off. Than, corrected the password and got it all working, it just seems to me a bit of a trick, why would you want someone to allow to access SQL Server with masking his Windows credentials under SQL Server account? It is much more ractical to give user all grants as a Windows account and hold the user responcible for what she does using SQL Server log, where each accoun action will be logged. The salt is that instead of limiting permissions, you are in fact granting un - limimited permissions and masking account that can be tracked with sa - something that only DBA should have access to.
curtis591Author Commented:
Sorry I missed a step the login that we are trying to modify is under the  job system tab for SQL Server Agent Properties.  Then we unclick only users with SysAdmin privilages can execute cmdexec and active x Script jobs and the pop up pops up.   The reason we are trying to do this is we need a user to execute a dts package from an application and we don not want to make this user a system administrator to the server.  The best way we have found to execute a package without having to do additional setup on users computer is call a stored procedure from the app that runs the dts package.
Sorry for not addressing the issue sooner.

My setup agreed to use as a proxy account all accounts, administrators and guest accounts, on the machine where SQL Server is running under domain account. However I tested all accounts I tried by executing logon on the machine where SQL Server is located. I am confident if you could login with the account of your choice on the machine, you will arrive to success with running job under this same account as a proxy account. This is done by adding account to a group of users with least privilages on the machine where SQL Server is running.

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curtis591Author Commented:
Never have found the solution to this problem.  Microsoft can't figure out what is going on either.
Asta CuCommented:
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looks like the case is one of those that can be solved on the place.
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