How to pass values from a child window to the parent window with the parent window being refreshed.

Posted on 2001-09-13
Last Modified: 2010-05-18
Hi friends,

Iam working on a ERP project.Iam to pass certain values to a pop up window where certain back end process goes on,
once the submit button is clicked I need to

1.Pass the values back to the parent window
2.The pop window should close
3.The parent window should get refreshed.

Iam using asp , javascript and VBscript.


Question by:kala21

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hai kala,

        i think you can refer to the parent window(window that opened another window) using window.parent(please check the syntax).

   so when u click the submit button in the new window,
   pass all the values to javascript and use the following

window.current.close(check syntax).
window.parent.href =


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you probably need to use window.opener and not window.parent.

the easiest way to pass parameters back to the parent would be to implement a jscript function in the parent something like:

function myFunc(par1, par2)

then do the following once the submit button is pressed:

function onSubmitClicked
window.opener.myFuc(par1, par2);
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prasanna_be_eee, please read the EE guidelines on proposing answers - in this case you should have posted a comment.

kala21, please feel free to reject the proposed answer if it does not completely solve your problem.

When the submit button is pressed, is any kind of script on the server called?

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Use this code in the start page:

<SCRIPT ID=clientEventHandlersJS LANGUAGE=javascript>

function button1_onclick() {"child.htm", "child", null, "height=200,width=400, resizable=no, status=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no");

<INPUT type="text" id=text1 name=text1>
<P><INPUT id=button1 name=button1 type=button value=Button LANGUAGE=javascript onclick="return button1_onclick()"></P>

Use this code in the window that opens:

<SCRIPT ID=clientEventHandlersJS LANGUAGE=javascript>

function button1_onclick() {
     var winOpener = window.opener;
     winOpener.text1.value = "test value";

<INPUT type="button" value="Set Textbox Value In Opener" id=button1 name=button1 LANGUAGE=javascript onclick="return button1_onclick()">


You can modify it as necessary to pass values back and forth.



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The possible solutions for your questions are:
1) You can use
  opener.document.<field name>.value= <some value>;
3) opener.document.location.reload();

All the best,

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