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Teamroom database not fully initialized.

When I try to create a new database with the Teamroom template, I recieve the following mesesage as it try's to open the setup screen.

"Database is not fully initialized yet. (It does not contain any views.) You will have to use 'Replicate...' on the 'File, Replication' menu to initialize it."

But when I replicate the database, it appears to work, however nothing changes with regard to it's response.
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Hard to say.. is the teamroom template on your local or on the server?

This message is typical of a replica stub, or when you create a replica using background replication rather than selecting immediately, or when the default access is set to something lower than editor.

It's possible that since the template default access is reader.. you need to replicate with the server in order to establish your name on the ACL so that you have better than author access to the forms and views, private views and so on.  

Since the template has readers and authors fields, and a couple of run-once agents, when you first create the database

Somewhat related is the the Notes Technote: 142160
(for R4, sorry).

If you copy the template to your local and create the new database, then the error message doesn't appear.

Wish I could be of more help..
ToddSAuthor Commented:

I appreciate your help, but I have tried it both ways (server and local) for both the template location, and target file creation.

I have also added myself to the ACL.

The replication option I am using is immediate, and the response windows says it completes with no errors.

One issue is that if I click the 'about' button for the template, I get 'Special database object cannot be located.'

This template worked when I installed the demo versions of the client and server (for performance testing purposes), but stopped working after we installed the server from a 'premade' config provided by or software vendor.

Let me know if you think of anything else.

OK, this is different.

Special Database Object occurs when:
There is no default form...Open the template and check that a default form is specified.

Or there is no default view.. Open the template and check that a default view has been named.

When the about document is missing, the default frame is missing, or other default forms are missing.. check the database properties and see what it's configured to open first, and make sure that you have permission to view the document.

What could have happened is that these elements existed on the template, but that the server doesn't have rights to the elements, so you need to check the permissions on the forms and views in addition to the database ACL.

Sign the database elements: it's possible that when you initially configured the template, without the server, it made changes on an access level or to a form and now the new domain is doesn't have access...so, make a copy of the template, go into Administration tasks: database tools, Sign and sign all elements with your current server id. (or your global design Id, if you have one)

The default is reader, and your server is not included in the ACL:  Local Domain Servers should cover access for your server, however, it's best to explicitly name your server in the ACL with Administration rights, and then make sure the forms, views, etc., give the server rights to access the document.

Then in the ACL, make sure that your server is the administration server and enforce a conisistent access control is enabled.

There's a wealth of documents in the Notes Knowledgebase about this returned error:  www.lotus.com>> Support>> type in the phrase (with quotes) "Special Database Object"

Hope this helps.


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oops, sorry for the spelling errors..

Another note.. I haven't checked to see if there is an about document on the template.. will do that and get back to you.

ToddSAuthor Commented:
I think your right here. Somehow the template must have gotten messed up, as when I open it in Designer, it has no views, outlines, etc.

One last question - Know where I might find a clean copy of 'teamrm50.ntf' ?

(I am guessing I could extract it from the cabs?)
It's going to be in your Domino Cabs on your installation CD and yes you probably could extract it.   Or you can write Notes Support and ask for a copy.  

The template itself not showing any view,forms, etc. does not necessarily mean that it's messed up, it may mean you don't have access to it.  Also, javascript must be enabled on the notes client.

I can't find anything specific on the template itself other than the default access, and ACL settings.. the forms views, about, using documents don't have any specific settings, roles, etc, that would do this... unless the template was saved with a different domain id,  ACL set to enforce a consistent ACL, and administration server was set.  

HOpe this helps..

ToddSAuthor Commented:
Thanks a bunch - it worked.
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