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CD Burner installation and usage - music from vinyl records

Good morning all in the USA - all Australians I know are in deep chock and we are with you in our thoughts - the happenings in New York are beyond my grasp!
Life must go on - here some questions:
I bought a Liteon CD burner with burn proof chip. I understand that the software to use must support b.u.r.n. -ok
I still have heaps of very good vinyl records I would like to transfer to cd.How do I go about this? Are there any websites with explanations? Icould not find any. I have a celeron 700 with over 10 Gig free space on the HDD,512 mb of memory,vibra 128 sound card. How do I connect the record player? Are there noise suppressing programs?
I am sure somebody has worked it all out already - I do not want to re-invent it all!
Thanks for your help
- cheers
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1 Solution
What software came with the burner ?
I know Adaptec Easy CD Creator version 4.0 & upwards already has noise suppression tools built in. The retail version of Adaptec also comes with the appropriate cables to burn (can be done on the fly) direct from vinyl to CD.
Essentially you need a cable from your amplifier to the line in of your sound card. you'll need to do a bit of trial and error with the volume levels & pop and click removal but I'd suggest you record to the hard drive until you get the levels right then do the burn either from the hard drive or on the fly straight from the record.
I know in Adaptec you can pause the burn while you line up tracks from the vinyl so it's possible to record multiple tracks from various vinyl onto one CD on the fly.
the idea is very simple
using an audio software package like 'sound forge' or any other capable of recording sound as '.wav' files,connect the headphones out (or any other output)on the amplifier to the 'mic in' on your sound card using wiring & connectors available from comp fairs etc.

1. check VOLUME IS TURNED DOWN on record player(you slowly turn it up & down later to check its working )so you dont melt your soundcard
2. check mic is on (not mute),(sound card control pannel)

once you have sorted out the setup, just start recording & save the files
next find some noise reduction software like 'steinberg clean' & use it to reduce the crackle & hiss ... u just have to mess around to find a setting suitable (processing a whole side at a time saves a lot of messing around)

next use your wav recording software to cut the individual songs, paste them into a new wav file & save each in a folder
when you burn it make sure the burner is set to record 'audio' (not data)
its dead easy just time consuming
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How do I connect the record player? Connect it to your soundcard using whatever adapters you need to hook your turntable to Line In.  I also use a software package others will disagree with, but it works really well.  It even comes with a booklet, something you won't get from internet downloaded Freeware.  It is called Data Becker Music CD Recorder.  It helps you to record music from any type of media to your harddrive so you can make CDs out of it.  It even cleans out noises that are not meant to be there.  Anyway, you can see it here:  http://www.databecker.com/p_musiccdrecord3.htm
Although you know enough about computers to see thru it,
let me clarify the above link for you.
The link was posted for its directions and not as an  endorsment for the software or hardware.
Heck, you can use sound recorder if it works for you,
and you can certainly get your cables from Radio Shack,
if there are any in Australia.
The point is that you need some sort of software and hardware
although not necessarely the same as shown in the link
but the directions stand.

Good luck.
I did not see ingolf statement I was probably still writing my last post.  DATA BECKER COMES WITH COMLETE INSTRUCTIONS> I have it and use it.
schmackeAuthor Commented:
Thank you all again - what I have to find out now is - do I need a pre-amp or is the signal strong enough from the record player. I can always find a secong hand amp. Software I need - can get Nero 5.5. for $22. The burner arrives tomorrow and I will check what comes with it. I found since the website of diamond cut productions and have been offered a software by a friend. Very difficult to award the points - you all have earned some - can I do that? accept multiple answers? Otherwise - centervs link did it all - Thank you
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>>>>Otherwise - centervs link did it all - Thank you

C'est la vie!
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