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Counting the no. of repetition of Characters.........


     I had already asked this Question but the answer was not what which i wan't .
My prob. is supose there is written an essay in a text area & i had to count the no. of repetition of each char whatever it is whether a Special character like *,/,$, #,@
I have to count for each char that how many times each char is repeted in whole text area .
Plz give the answer as soon as possible , With thanx & regards.
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Hi arzoo, you can accept comments as answers in your other open questions, or ask for more clarification, but you got some lengthy answers without grading them.....that's a shame since it turns some real good people off from helping you or helping out here altogether....

arzoo,check ur history of grading.
well smart ness doesnt work always
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
For the record:

Questions Asked 10
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and again I told U

dim AllAscii(256)

for I = 1 to len(Text1.text)
   AllAscii(asc(mid(AllAscii(I))))=    AllAscii(asc(mid(AllAscii(I))))+1


'   then to get that array
for i =33 to 255
   debug.print "the character "; Chr(i); "is repeated " ;   AllAscii(I),
and U even didn't try to comment

Pls. as i'm absent minded If I answered another Q 4 U tell me not to !!!!!!!

arzooAuthor Commented:
Hi Bahnass
             First of all thanx for ur giving me answer .
By applying ur this Code a Get the error messege "arument not opptional " on 'mid' now i don't know to remove it so kindly tell me abt this.
& 2nd to all the expert-exchange members i'm sorry to all of U. Actully i don't know the exect way to grade the ppl who gave me sol. i graded them a every time but don't know that what was prob. so i'm sorry for that . & if some one likes to explain this too than most welcome.
Sorry arzoo
I didn't test it before Posting
Here is a working code
note debug.print can be changed to any output method U need

dim AllAscii(256)

for I = 1 to len(Text1.text)
  AllAscii(asc(mid(text1 , I)))=    AllAscii(asc(mid(text1 , I)))+1


'   then to get that array
for i =33 to 255
  debug.print "the character "; Chr(i); "is repeated " ;   AllAscii(I),

Sorry again
Hope that helps
Of course this code in some event like command1_click
& the text U need to analyze in text1 textbox!!!
arzooAuthor Commented:
Thanx Bahnass
       for giving me ur answer but Bahnass this is not what my prob. was , i wanted to compare the all characters including the special chars. ,means to say i wants to see that a char.t "a" is how many time repeted in the whole text area similarly A to Z , a to z & including the special chars i want to see that how many times they r used in the text area ?
Also i have to compare the repeting words .
Do U get my point know ? if Yes then pplz give me ur option to do this .
I will be very thankful.
With thanx & regards.
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Thanks everyone.
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