DCOM remote Activex exe

okay, i created a samlle qctivex exe to get centralised properties of a "server"
My app cannot load the remote server..it give me access denied
all pcs on the network automatically login using a power user type account.
I have add everyone and system to the allow access part of the dcom config, but i still can't get my app to work unless i log the cliens in as admins.
any ideas..
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rkot2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
try co create a share on server. I had this problem ones.
just share a folder with your activex .

p.s. did you run dcon config on your server?
If you start the exe on the server manually, can you login then ?

Did you build the ActiveX EXE with Remote Server Files and did you set a reference to these in your client app ?

moonlightcyberAuthor Commented:
yup ran dcom config.
Haven't tried starting the server manually. will try this and get back to you
yup refernced the files in the client with the vbr and tlb's
oh and the whole hard drive is shared
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ok, let's wait for that!
do you have trusted domains?

try this link :
moonlightcyberAuthor Commented:
thanks for all the info, but i still can't get it to work.
i started the server manually and again i received the permission denied.
As far as trusted domains. i don't really have a domain, it is a workgroup.
i will try the dcom cnfg again later today and perhaps i will find something i had previously overlooked.#

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