Only one application will talk to my paradox database

I have a problem with my bde system..
I can only have one program accessing the database at a time.
I.e if database explorer is open, my application cannot communicate with the database.

Please help me !!

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chunky1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It's worth checking if you are running Novell Netware version 3.2.

This version caused conflictions with the Bde system.

If yor have this version try upgrading it.
I have had a simular problem.

Do yoe have a Novell network connected to this machine ?

lightgenAuthor Commented:
Yes I do.

I have tried the database on a local drive dut it results the same.

lightgenAuthor Commented:
          I could not upgrade, but I downgraded to 3.1 and this has cured the problem.

Thanks matey!

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