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Does anyone know Y??

Hi all,

Can anyone kindly explain :
Why doesn?t the use of standard ?.h? include files in C provide an adequate data abstraction capability for C programs?

Your Sincerely,
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peterchen092700Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Didn't your professor give you some, ahem, they used to call it "lessons". Where you show up, and he's telling you (more or less) the answers for the questions he's going to ask later. Yes I know, it's a weird sort order...

Of course, there are nasty professors. They tell you what "data abstraction is". then, weeks later, they tell you what C standard headers are. Then, they ask you questions like

"Why doesn't the use of standard '.h' include files in C provide an adequate data abstraction capability"

(There's an even nastier kind: They ask, in the very first lesson, "did you learn what data abstraction is last year?" And everybody mumbles hmmhmmmm they assume this means "yes")

Why can't my cat handle the vac?

Ask yourself: What is "data abstraction"?. What level of data abstraction is adequate for a C program? How are standard header files related to data abstraction?

(at least 2nd sub question shows that the question, without context, is silly. and the answer to the 3rd subquestion shows it's badly worded. However, given the context of your lessons, this might be on page 42)

hey _kid, please explain
Think about what that means.
Database abstraction is outside the scope of any standard programming language framework (except stuff like Clipper).  Does anyone still use Clipper?

Now we have ODBC, ADO, DAO, OLEDB, etc., but think about how much that has changed since the development of languages like C.
If it did have database abstraction from the beginning, what would it be? dBase?

Instead, we're given the commands with which we create our own LIBRARIES that handle the databases specific to our needs.

Think about all of the things that don't exist now (in programming).  If the language developers bank the foundation on a particular paradigm without the flexibility to either circumvent or disable it, they're surely asking for abandonment of their language.
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hey, _kid, when did your professor say the assignemnt was due?
That is a rather heavy *first* question.
_kidAuthor Commented:

This is the question i posted...
Why doesn't the use of standard '.h' include files in C provide an adequate data abstraction capability
for C programs?

i am puzzled of how i should answer this question...
would be grateful if someone can tell me the meaning of it ... why C programs have this limitations ?

Thanks alot,

It's not a limitation.
See my earlier comments.
What are you comparing this to?
Why do you think there are limitations?

You're asking (in essence):
   Why doesn't my car have a map of highway 40 in it?
> .. page 42)
hmm, I thought the answer is 42, always, ever, even in this context.
*g* I'm fallen for the myth. Above sentence is valid for 42=17=PI.
_kidAuthor Commented:
yup... thanks...
i think i got the answer...
but thanks anywae...

_kidAuthor Commented:
thanks.. for reminding me...
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