how to make a col invisible in msflexgrid control at run time

 i have taken a msflexgrid control and i assigned 9 cols to it at design time but at run time i want to make col 6 invisible. i tried but not got thru.
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ZorxxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What I always use is setting the width of the col to 0.. If you want to show the col then set its width back.
u cant make it that way.
U can do it the other way.
Make 3 cols only and when u need 9 make it 9

I will send my code

just copy and paste
'first procedure make it 3 cols if u want
Call InitializeGrid(fgridfee, 4, 10, "No", "Name", "Frequency", "Amount", "FromDate", "LastDate", "Fine", "FineAmount", "Month", "Total")

'make size o0f all the cells
Call SetCellSize(fgridfee, 350, 1800, 1100, 800, 1200, 1200, 500, 1000, 1000, 1000)

Public Sub InitializeGrid(grd As MSFlexGrid, nrows As Integer, ncols As Integer, ParamArray colnames() As Variant)
''To Initialize Flex Grid
Dim i As Integer
With grd
    .Rows = nrows
    .Cols = ncols
    .FixedCols = 0
    .Row = 0
    For i = 0 To UBound(colnames)
    .Col = i
    .Text = colnames(i)
    Next i
End With
End Sub
'this procedure has to be used after InitilizeGrid function
Public Sub SetCellSize(grd As MSFlexGrid, ParamArray size() As Variant)
Dim colcount As Integer
Dim i As Integer
colcount = grd.Cols
With grd
    For i = 0 To UBound(size)
    .Col = i
    .ColWidth(i) = CInt(size(i))
    Next i
End With

End Sub
a)Thatz is just a sample
for ur requirement

Call InitializeGrid(fgridfee, 4, 3, "No", "Name","age" )

'make size 0f all the cells
Call SetCellSize(fgridfee, 350, 1800,1000)

'if u want to change the number of columns then

2)use grid's clear function to clear it.
3)reinitialize by calling the same method
'make 9 cols selecting the 3rd parameter to 9
'call setcellsize for those 9  cols

Call InitializeGrid(fgridfee, 4, 9, "No", "Name", "age", "Amount", "FromDate", "LastDate", "Fine",
"FineAmount", "Month")

'make size o0f all the cells
Call SetCellSize(fgridfee, 350, 1800, 1100, 800, 1200, 1200, 500, 1000)

'this should solve ur problem
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Simply set colWidth to 1

Hi Zorxx
U R right as I said !!!!
Sorry Bahnas, I didn't read your answer
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