Program won't launch using Windows XP

  A user of mine just installed Win XP on his system. He downloaded my software, installed it and re-booted. When he tries to launch my software (either from the Programs menu, or by directly double-clicking the .EXE file)... nothing happens.

This is my first experience with Win XP.... do you have any ideas?

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Stuart_JohnsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Shawn,

Since posting this originally, I've had the "joy" of using XP first hand, and I must admit, I'm really not overly impressed with it.  The eye candy is great, but that aside, there are a lot of problems which I've had (maybe it's just limited to me, I don't know).

One thing that really annoyed me was firstly my brand new copy of Ezy CD Creator wouldn't work.  XP said that I would have to upgrade it before I could install it.  It annoyed me more because I had only recently bought it (not 2 months ago).

I installed it anyway and had so many problems it wasn't funny (it would let me burn, but then XP would lock up and I'd need to hardware reset my box).  I uninstalled it and just used Nero :)

I also found that a lot of my games would either play worse than under W2K Server, or not at all (even newer games had problems).  Project IGI, for instance, was so slow it was unbearable.  Q3's frame rate had dropped from around 85fps to well under 40.  Maybe I need new GL drivers, who know, but I can't think of any sane reason why the existing ones shouldn't work.

My system kept locking up contantly with it.  I'd be continuously giving it the three finger salute.  And then on Monday, it died completely.  After rebooting the system, I got "C:\Windows\System is invalid.  Insert your original XP CD-ROM and attempt to rebuild the installation".  This was the last straw.  It's gone now, and I have no intention of using again unless I'm forced to.

As for your question, I'm not sure what they were refering too.  I'd suspect they mean products like Norton System Works, McAfee Office etc etc.  Anything that directly accesses the file system will need to be upgraded to a complaint version.

I get really sick of the way Microsoft release a new version of Windows every couple of years and then we're expected to pay extra to get our existing software to work.  Did you know that XP has a successor already which has a planned releas date of 2002/3?  There is another version which will come out after that in 2004.  I know that one of them is currently codenamed Longhorn.  The other is another ski resort, but I can't remember what it was.

I'm all for upgrading, but I think that for people who only just buy a new version of a piece of software, they should be offered a free upgrade to the latest version.

Anyway, that's my 2c worth.  I hope that in all my moaning, there may have been something of use in there :)


Does it run under NT or win2k? If not I would suggest installing any NT based system (NT, win2k, XP) on your computer and try it out yourself. We don't think that we can guess what it is (at least I can't)...

Regards, Madshi.
According to this months Australia Personal Computer magazine (issue 274), there is quite a few inconsistencies with current applications which run fine on "normal" OS's, but have real problems under XP.  This is usually, but not limited to, applications which access the file system in anyway.  XP's file system is different to even W2K.

Quote "If you're planning to step upto Microsoft's new operating system, you'll need to  bring new utility software along for the ride.  This will surprise many, because XP is said to have been built on the same foundation as Windows 2000, so you'd expect any 2000-compatible software to run fine on XP.

However, subtle yet significant changes in the way the OS handles files means..." blah blah blah. Unquote.

This was in refrence to Norton Antivirus 2002, but I would suspect that it would be the same for any application which accesses files/the file system.

More to the point I guess, Microsoft have an uncanny tradition of changing things in such a way from version to version, that old software either needs to be fooled into running on the new OS, or it just wont work.  This could be the case with your program.

I haven't had the "joy" of trying XP yet, and until Microsoft change their licensing policy on it, I wont be, so I can't tell you for sure what the difference is.

Hope this info helps in some way.


aztecAuthor Commented:
Thanks  Stuart, your comments would appear to be true. Since then I've had many more XP users experience the same thing.

You mention to "bring some utility software along for the ride". Would you happen to know which software?

Is there anyone else out there who's run into this and has discovered a workaround or patch of some sort. I find it hard to believe that I'm the only one out there complaining about this...

aztecAuthor Commented:
Hi Stuart...
   Duh, guess what? As it turns out the problem lied in a 3rd party security module I was using in my Delphi app - PC-Guard. True to your story of upgrading software, I needed to get the latest upgrade of this PC-Guard for my Delphi app to work on XP!

Thanks for all your help anyway, and sorry for the bother! I'll give you full marks for answering my question.

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