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EJB/MSSQL Transactions

Hi All,
The following are the situations we are faced with:

(1) Does MS SQL 2000 Server provide an equivalent version of Autonomous Transaction in Oracle? We have a Stored Procedure that generates Primary Keys, which is called from an EJB method. This SP should suspend the Bean's Transaction, increment and Update the Primary Key value, Commit the updation and return the Primary Key value. In case the bean method Rolls Back, the SP should not get rolled back. How do we implement this in a stored procedure on MS SQL 2000 Server?
(2) The Result Set of a fetch stops at the 168th row while the Result Set has actually more than 168 rows, if you have faced this situation, please let us know.

If anybody has worked with SQL Server with Weblogic, we'd appreciate it if you could share information with us
Thanks in advance!

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1 Solution
SQL Server has a SVE POINT for transactional processing, it is where you can get something done-
select - update - insert - ...


continue woth transaction
select - update - insert - ...

 will rollback to the begining of the transaction
IF NO then ROLLBACK <saepoint_name>
will rollback to the point in the transaction where the SAVEPOINT was placed.

To ensure that an error in stored procedure does not result in an implicit
being executed set in the body of the stored procedure


Finally, to increment an Oracle sequnce equivalent in SQL Server define table column as

column  { int | numeric | BIGINT } idenitity( seed, increment )

to allow user update of such field set this option in the body of the stored procedure

SET IDENTITY_INSERT my_db.owner.table_name ON
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