Showing documents based on a list

I have an agent which checks a database for errors. When it is finished, it creates a text file of all the document IDs which have an error in them.

I would like to see these documents in a view, rather than have to check the list and search for the document.

Does anyone have any ideas about the best way of doing this?

If the agent identifies the docID, could it then somehow add that document to a view?

Thanks for your help...
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sloeberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The best thing you can do is make an extra field
name it ErrorList or something like that.
In you agent, the moment he found an error in the document, change the value from that field to Yes
thisdocument.ErrorList = "Yes"

Make a new view, named eg. ==> "Errorview"
With selection Select ErrorList = "Yes"

Now, you see all the document with an error.

PS : Dont forget to change the value back to No, when you solved the problem.
You could also copy or move those document to a folder.
FreeriderAuthor Commented:

this solution works very well, although there's a bit of work involved (creating the field and populating it for 4000 documents). The problem is, I'm quite sure the person who will correct these documents will NOT remember to change the ErrorList field to "NO". Although I could add it to a button to save and close the document...



as long as the moved documents are still visible in the existing views - the formula is something like:

 SELECT Form = "Document"

I would prefer to use this method. Using script, how can I move a document to a folder?

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Just use
Call doc.PutInFolder(foldername,True)

If the folder exist he copy your document to this folder else he makes a new folder for you.

!!!!! Now, if the user solved the problem, the document is also still in the folder until he removes the documente from the folder.

Or another solution is that you clear the folder every day, and run the agent to find the errors, every day again.
That's exactly how it works sloeber!
Nice teamwork!

sloebers instruction "PutInFolder()" will keep the document in the original view(s), just as you want. If you have collected all documents in a collection, DocumentCollection.PutAllInFolder(FolderName, CreateOnFail) could be an alternative.

When the documents are no longer required in the folder, either after processing or at a specified interval, use Doc.RemoveFromFolder(name). I probably don't have to warn you about deleting the document...!?
Freerider, I'm just curious but are you able to gather what type of error happened on each document or just the basic fact that an error occured?  If so then I will provide points to figure out how you did that.  I would like to create a list of all documents in my database that have input validation errors in them and what the error is.

FreeriderAuthor Commented:

I'm only looking for specific errors. There's a field in each document which should contain the attachments. The agent looks at the other fields and checks for attachments, if it contains one, it's an error.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
Ok, thanks for the info...
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