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Opinions Wanted on Application

alicelknight asked
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Last Modified: 2011-10-03
Hi All!
Need to use up some points so I'd like your opinion on how to implement an application.  I have some ideas but would like to hear what you think.

I've been asked to develop an app for a cab company.  They have dispatch sheets which consist of logging the time of call, Origin, Destination, cab#, amt of fare, and CC fee (if cust. charges).  The app will run 24 hours/day.  There are 3 shifts, 5a-5p, 5p-5a,12mid-1a (13 hours).  All calls must be saved.  Reports will be needed for drivers total fares per day/month/year, etc.  It must use an Access DB.  I'll be using VB 6.

Questions:  Should I develop an ActiveX Component for the Dispatch sheets or use a third-party, editable grid control (which I have)?  How should the shifts be saved so that reports can be generated?  I'm guessing that approximately 3,500 calls/month will have to be logged, maybe more.  

Any other information that's helpful is appreciated.

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Sounds like this is a classic database application, with severaol classes to represent a Trip, a Cab, a Dispatch sheet - just to name a few (there would obviously be several more).  I would build my own Components to represent the various pieces, but that comes from more that 7 years of expereience with VB/Access (and 35+ years of overall programming experience).  How you proceed would probably depend on how much experience you have, and how comfortabel you feel with building your own components,which would do exactly what you need, as opposed to buy  third party component(s), and then comforming the application to the capabilities/limitations of those components.
Valliappan ANSenior Tech Consultant

I would suggest ,you usa a good 3rd party control, for grid. They might have already optimized, things. Else, you need to build from scratch. But if you put some efforts, may be you could come up with an efficient grid also, but could take time.

I personally, would choose between Apex TrueDBGrid Pro, or Ultragrid from Sheridan. The first one, appears to be efficient, may be your experience, would guide you.

First have a look the rushhour, how many call's in minute?
It do show 6 call's in hour for average, so the time for one, how much computer typing etc. there are allowed?

Computers can slow the work in this line of business, many people do not have computer related information and they need simple programs to use.

Put a map control and have a fixed street list.
Have the map coded in squares.

Those phone number and voice data have today automation bossibilities, also complete phone systems to support that.
This is one general start point to look for inexpensive telephony:

Taxi's do have a computer or terminal?
Well in our Taxi system the drivers constantly input their location on the dashboard computer and that is monitored by the central computer.

They have a own band and radioterminal system.

It's here in law that Taxi must have inspected meter.
The "meter" whit C-card reader do make own memorized monetary and kilometer files.

Semiautomation does not give much more than time in here.  

Those reports generators shuld be separated from the input app.



Arthur and Matti:  Thanks for your input!  I'd like to split the points for you both, how do I do this?


I leave a request in the CS area, when they have removed half point's in this Q set up a personal questinon for 75points.


Reduced points for split.  

Arthur_Wood, your points are here:

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alicelknight, I am posting so you'll have a link to the question you sought.

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ComTech:  Thanks!

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