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Terminal Services.  Restricted Desktop

turnermich asked
I have a Win2000 Server Setup with Terminal Services.
All users are able to log in correctly, and works fine.


I only need the Users to run a Single Program (I have a Shortcut on the Desktop)

I do not wish them to goto START and see all the programs, ie. not even  say Wordpad.
I also do not wish them to look at directories etc.

IE>  Only run this program.!!!

I have spent quite some time useing Group Polocies, Shareing  etc.,, but cannot get the result i need.

Is !! there some way of doing this.

Its important i get this working,,,
would appreciate some help from an expert.

Regards  Turrnermich
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In order to achieve what you want, you'll need to use Citrix Metaframe.  Metaframe has what is called "publish application".  You can publish any application, and have clients using it as if it was installed on their local desktop.  Windows doesn't have this capability.
You can remove the entries from the start menu by explicitly denying permissions for TS-Users (they have their own user group). Note that there are always two start menus: the one for all users and the one for the logged-in user.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
I have now found the areas i need.
Pity the documentation for terminal services is so poor.


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