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photoshop 5.5 with imageready!

design_v asked
hi all
I did one layout, in that i want one particular portion to be in animated gif!. so i cropped the particular portion and then i jumped into imageready! i did the animation whihc i want( using layer hiding and showing) when i try to save it as Gif , i tried all saving i.e, save optimised as, export optomised but it is saving only as jpeg file!
whatis the problem.
i need the solution quickly
kindly reply.
thankx in advance.
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Why didnt you use slices to designate the portion you wanted as an animated gif? When you save optimized as long as it has an animation loop in the Animation palette it will be saved properly.


weed...thankx for responding i solved my problem!
the think in the main palette , i selected 2-up option in that defaulty it selected jpeg in mine, i selected the gif option there,

then i can save it as gif!
thankx  week for takingcare.
i will give the points to u .

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