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cable modem with static IP

ezlee asked
I recently re-installed my windows 2000 server.
But I can not assign a static IP to it any more, and I can only use DHCP to get the IP which is always the same.
Whenever I changed to static IP, I can not connect the internet.

My system is a win98 and windows 2000(two NIC for internet sharing within LAN) dual-boot, and I can also assign static IP when booting into Win98.

What's wrong? I am sure that I can do that before.  I must do that 'cause I am going to config the server as a DNS server.

Anyone can help me?
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when u assign IP using dhcp, there are some other settings like default gateway, nameservers, etc passed and assigned to the machine automatically.
just connect by using dhcp and note the settings.
then provide your static ip alongwith the other settings, like subnet mask, dns servers, gateway  by yourself.
but you must be sure that the ip used by u is not being assigned to any other machine on the your isp network, this is possible unless, u are assigned that address by the ISP excplicitely.    
Call your provider, they may have switched your system to be entirely DHCP.  A couple of cable modem providers I know of have been really pushing this lately.  @Home and Roadrunner have been trying to implement DHCP only for quite a while.  You may be labeled as an abusive customer if your DHCP server has effected others close to you on their network.  Policies usually prohibit running NT server of any form on THEIR networks as a "rogue" server can cause other customers to lose their connections to the service they subscribe to.  Be considerate!  If you are doing this to learn about servers you may want to consider a different type of service which does not expressly prohibit servers on their network.  I am only saying this to help and hope that you are professional enough to recognize where I am coming from with this info.
yes, most ISP set for DHCP, it has less headache for them, hence the client cannot override IP settings

Have you had any luck setting a non server box static?


I can assign the static ip address now, both a server and a non-server box.

I don't know why I can't at that time. Same system, same ip address. Wired. Could be the prob of ISP.

Computers are weird that way.  We can make some changes and unless we make them one at a time we will never know what actually brought about the change.

Could be a problem of being on two domains or workgroups.

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