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nVidia Geforce with TV-out


I have here the nVidia Geforce 2 MX 400 with TV out. How can I get the picture on the TV? I have all the cables, and I've checked the connection. I can set the Twin Modus, but nothing happens. There's no picture, but sometimes it "twitches" shortly. What is the matter???

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Well I dont have a geforce but i have a tnt2 with a tv-out and it installed the tv as default monitor once the first time i did it and switches back to the screen as soon as i plug it in again. I think that your pc just desnt want to install the tv like that i sugestn you go to properties > settings > advanced and check where it says something about your monitor i dont know the gforce 2 that good but if you get something like that and it says default monitor and tv underneath each other then select tv and do evrything that has to be done from there hope it helps keep me updated

That should do it.  The settings are pretty much standard for cards that can put TV out.  You may need different drivers if you don't have the option for TV-OUT.

Cards also vary about whether you have to plug the TV in before you boot up, or after Windows has finished loading, so I'd try both.


After all driver-games, I've become such problems with the system that I had to reinstall Windows. But now I have the picture on the TV, but it is very blurred. I've tried different resolutions, but it changes nothing. What is the matter?

That's somewhat normal.  TV is not very good at handling the resolution required of your computer system.  Movies and such would be fine but text suffers a bit.  YOu can try adjusting fonts.  I have used it myself with various cards, TNT2 Maxi Gamer xentor 32, ATI Rage(various ones) am currently using an i810 based system hooked up to a 27" TV/Monitor it has inputs for both.  It is fine across the room, but up close you can't really read anything as it is blurry.

With Windows ME I actually set up the accessibility features for the BLIND.  It was so bad and I did not have my monitor.

it is really blurry etc. most of the times but the question is why do you want to  do the tv output thing i watch my movies that way by plugging my pc in the tv via tv out. If you want to do something like that i sugest you try it trust me its fun, otherwise its fine to experiment. You said you checked the cables well most normal cam-corders (handheld video recorders) have a video cable that has a yellow pug the recorders audio is white, now what i sugest you do if you have one is that you take the yellow cable and use that from the tv to the pc see if that works and take your cards cable and do it seperately from the recorder to tv and check if that works. Be Well.


It's funny, but it works now. I've installed the driver again, and it's ok.
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