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What's a WAM Message

mmedwid asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-28
Hi.  I've got an NT 4.0 server running cold fusion.  Lately in the event log for the system I am seeing numerous messages from source "WAM".  What is WAM?  And example error message:

"The HTTP server was unable to load the ISAPI Application 'e:\corporate\site\scripts\..S5c..\Admin.dl'  The data is in error.l"

...and can you shed any light at all on the error message?

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Does this help?

In IIS, applications are hosted by an internal IIS COM component called the Web Application Manager (WAM). The WAM controls loading and interfacing with ISAPI DLLs?including asp.dll, the ASP runtime?and communicates with them every time a request is received from a browser. The WAM itself is a COM component and can be run in the IIS process or isolated in a separate process. Each IIS application has an instance of the WAM. MTS, a runtime environment for COM components, hosts the WAM object and each of its instances.

From MS


Thanks xSinbad.  Your answers give me some insight into the WAM messages.  What I am seeking in the end is - what traffic would be coming into the server to trigger these?  The server is running Cold Fusion.  If I knew what kind of inbound traffic triggered these WAM messages - I could block it.  Thoughts?  If not - I'll give you the points for at least shedding some light on the WAM source.

Hey mmedwid hows it going?


I still receive occasional WAM messages.  Never did figure out precisely what triggers them.  Hmm.
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Did you update you MDAC to resolve this, otherwise it could be anything that is triggering the error it is very hard to tell.


MDAC? Que'st que c'est?  

As per the microsoft link I provided.