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junebug43310 asked
i am new to the cumputer world, so give me a break. I have an GA-5AX motherboard. I would like to know how big of a processor i can put in it, and what kind am i going to need for it?
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1st Release   Rev 3.0 4 PCI Slots / 3 ISA / 1 Shared Released with: BIOS 1.1 FG
2nd Release Rev 4.1 5 PCI Slots / 2 ISA / 1 Shared. Released with: BIOS 1.3 FG

The above link is for 2nd release

Well, it supports multipliers up to 6x, and FSB up to 100 (though it _may_ go over, up to 140 - but Gigabyte doesn't guarentee that).

The speed of the CPU is the multiplier times the FSB, so 6x100 = 600.

However, AFAIK the fastest socket 7 chip is the AMD k6-2 550, which runs at 5.5x100, although it is quite likely that you could overclock the chip to 6x100=600 with a decent heatsink/fan on the CPU.  Here's an article you may find helpful for that http://www.tomshardware.com/cpu/00q3/000713/

I have same system here.  Cleaned off my desk earlier and found manual.  What a bonus.  Anyway I am running the fastest chip Possible K6-II 550.  You can get them for about 25.00 now.  I know this is a repeat of info but I have one here running and it works.
If you buy the OEM version you will get all you need to set it up, Processor Heat Sink and Fan.  You will also need some PC100 or PC133 RAM.  Where are you getting your parts?  Be carteful where you buy if you go OEM  some sell them with as little as a 10 day warranty.  Go with a licensed OEM partner as they can offer a full year warranty.  The Retail versions are hard to find lately so you will need to buy the fan and heatsink extra.  They are usually sold together.
     It is a nice board supports ATA-66.  Most hard drives you can buy these days are ATA-100 but will work just fine.  You will need a sound card, graphics card, modem and or network interface card.  If you think of anything I have left out you still have a slot open to add it.

BTW depending on where you got this motherboard and how old it is it may need a BIOS update to work with the 550 Processor.  My updated BIOS reads 11/1999.  It would have to be pretty old not to have this version, but I know of two people who recently bought them and needed the BIOS flashed to get it to work with a 500 processor.  Some friends found them on Ebay.  They are really stable boards.  Ours hasn't been a problem it gets a lot of use as well.

Stay with AMD on this.  Avoid Cyrix like the plague you won't get the same speed so it is pointless.

pb - have you tried overclocking it to 600?  The k6-2's aren't multiplier locked, so you can just change the multiplier to 6.

It won't boot.

I tried even upping the FSB to 112 and same thing won't boot if set over the 5.5 multiplier.  For such a small gain it's not worth it to me.  I have also a P III 1 gig, the machine I am sending this from.  So you can see I wojuld rather have things run at designated speeds and be more reliable.

I am glad I helped you out on this.

Bummer!  I've got a k6-2 300 running at 350 (3.5x100), but if I push it up to four it won't boot either.

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