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Best method installing win2k and Redhat 7.1

outreeclat asked
I have an old 166, with 64 meg RAM and 2-2gig hard drives that I want to install both windows 2000 professional and redhat linux 7.1.  What order of installation and configuration would be the best?  I did one previously, installed win2k just fine, then 7.1 locked up and when I rebooted, it ruined a 15 gig Quantum, somehow.
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By preferance, I would install Win2k first then use the text mode install for RH. When asked where to install lilo choose the boot sector (not MBR). Make sure you choose to make boot floppies during each install.

If you want a partition that Linux and Win2k can share then I would create a FAT32 partition during the Win2k installation and configure your Linux system to mount it during boot.

After both are installed I would then use fdisk (Linux or Windows version) to make the Linux boot partition the active one and configure lilo to boot both OSs (but that just me)


I had already done the installation the way you suggested but now I get the screen to choose Linux or DOS and I want to default to DOS on this machine, I wonder if setting the fat32 partition active will make DOS the default or is there a file I need to edit?

No, but if you edit '/etc/lilo.conf' so that the line that reads 'default=linux' becomes 'default=dos' then run '/sbin/lilo' as root that will do it.

(I'm assuming that 'dos' and 'linux' are the labels used in lilo.conf. If not, substitute accordingly)


Oh, yeah, now I remember where that is set.  Thanks for your help.  Here's another question:  How can  do a server installation while using the install files from one of the two hard drives I'm using?  haha  I don't think it's possible.  The problem I'm having is finding a cd that will read the ISO images I burnt the seawolf files on.  I can copy them to a hard drive but the installation files won't read from the cdroms and I've tried about 4 of them.

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