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display tiff image in internet explorer.

Olirog asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-25

I would like to display tiff images in Internet Explorer through a html file.

Let me know how to do this.


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Well, if IE actually supports TIFF files then you just link the file in the same way you would link in any GIF or JPEG. Just an HREF. But since i really doubt IE supports TIFF you can give up now. IE for windows doesnt even support PNG, a format specifically designed for web. I have serious doubts that it will support TIFF, a format designed for printers and high rez images.
Even if TIFF images were supported by IE, NS, etc. they generally would be far to big in size. TIFF images contain lots of printer and other post production information which is surely not needed on the web. The only way to use TIFF images on the web is to convert them to JPEG's. Keep the res. to approx 72dpi. You should end up with a file size between 20-100k. Much bigger sized images will only put off many visitors who will leave your site before even looking at your images.

Well said.  There's no reason to store an image at a resolution better than your users can display.

For what it's worth, I have been looking for a solution to this exact issue off and on for many months now.  Our users use an Access application that stores scanned images, and they insist that they cannot use anything other than TIFF files, because they like having multiple images in one Image file.  We are now looking to re-write their app. in a Browser-Based model, and they 'Cannot' possible use it if it does not support TIFF file viewing. Since TIFF files can be very large, I've decided to look into the option of splitting the TIFF multi-image file into one file for each image, then convert each image file to a JPEG or BITMAP, which can then be easily displayed over a Browser.  I am looking into possibly writing a routine to do this, though I did find an ActiveX DLL that also does this.  It is basically shareware, and the license is $179.00, though here is the link if you want to check it out.


Hope this helps, and good luck!

Just to follow-up, I don't know if you found another solution, but I downloaded the ActiveX DLL listed above, and it works very well.  I believe that we will use it for our solution, as it would be more expensive for someone to write the same function from scratch.  I basically passed a 3-image TIFF file to the DLL, and it created 3 JPEG images from the TIFF file; pretty slick.

Just wanted to pass on this info.

a classic problem for Research libraries wanting to provide access to this site:

anyhow the easiest answer, at depending upon your users and purpose, is a plug-in

see also:

dbirdman: try Image robot for mass conversion

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Somewhat off-topic, but important.

****************************** ALERT********************************
WindowsUpdate - Critical Update alert March 28, 2002 from Microsoft
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-015  
28 March 2002 Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer
Originally posted: March 28, 2002
Who should read this bulletin: Customers using Microsoft® Internet Explorer
Impact of vulnerability: Two vulnerabilities, the most serious of which would allow script to run in the Local Computer Zone.
Maximum Severity Rating: Critical
Recommendation: Consumers using the affected version of IE should install the patch immediately.
Affected Software:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0

Thought you'd appreciate knowing this.

ImageMagick and the associated PerlMagick are both freeware governed by the GPL.  Using them you can convert your TIFFs to Gifs or PNGs or JPEGs and pass them that way.

You can even resize them, rotate them, etc.
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