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Can't get TCP/IP-address with DHCP on a IBM T22 with 3COM !0/100 Ethernet PCMCIA

Halflife asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-27
I have problems getting a TCP/IP address with DHCP on a IBM T22 with a 3COM 10/100 Ethernet PCMCIA card. I have no problems logging on my domain via the netbios protocol.

I am running Win NT 4.0 Wrk.
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Dear Halflife,

Since you didn't specify your OS, I assumed that you are using Win2k.

Go to RUN, type CMD. Then, at the dos prompt, type IPCONFIG /all at the command prompt. Check your IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DHCP Server and DNS Server. If the value of DHCP has no value, means that your DHCP is down or not functioning. Try IPCONFIG /RENEW to try again.

If still cannot, then maybe is your setting in the Network Configuration. Right click MY NETWORK PLACES, select PROPERTIES, double click LOCAL AREA CONNECTION. Click PROPERTIES, select INTERNET PROTOCOL(TCP/IP), then click PROPERTIES, make sure you are using dynamic IP, check whether OBTAIN AN IP ADDRESS AUTOMATICALLY and OBTAIN DNS SERVER ADDRESS AUTOMATICALLY is selected.

Hope it may help you.


Domain logon and NETBEUI protocol have no direct relationship with TCPIP and your DHCP problem.

Is your workstation on the same subnet as the DHCP server?  If not, is the router for your subnet configured to pass DHCP requests?

Perhaps it's obvious, but DO YOU HAVE a DHCP server on your network?

Are you sure it's the DHCP server not responding or some other problem, like DNS?  Note that even when using DHCP, if you configure for and specify DNS the "manual" values will be used instead of the ones from the DHCP server.

Similarly, the GATEWAY address, if manually specified, will override any one set by DHCP.

Jeff, he did designate 4.0 in his POST.
Check what jhance has suggested and then check to ensure you are using proper workgroup name for network and that you have a valid(unique) computer name.

Are you running any Firewall software?
Trying to connect to a server on your local net with DHCP or a cable modem or similar?

Frustrating problem here is that the cable setup I have takes hours to recognise a new machine. I set up everything correct and it won't work for several hours, reboot later in the day and it works perfect. Really annoying. Maybe the ISP does it deliberately to stop one manually IP pooling or something.

RW try rebooting the modem next time.  Are you talking about using an existing IP or leasing a new one?  I can add all the computers I want to my modem, reboot and they are fine.  Aren't you using Linksys router box as well?  Anyway, you need to set your computer up properly for it to be recognized by cable system.  
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