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References - .TLB question, please help!

virgils asked
I am a beginning visual basic programmer, and i'm building a program that has a reference to a type library file from adobe acrobat. Now i tried to run the program on a machine without acrobat, and it doesnt work.

So how do i include the .tlb in my program?
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Head of Software Services
If the machine doesn't have acrobat installed then it will not work! If you are using automation, this only works if the application to be automated exists on the machines. You cannot package the application within yours. The .tlb only aids your development in allowing you to easily see the objects, methods and properties of the object model. It is not a substitute for the application itself.


ok thanks, now i'll stop bothering myself with finding a solution for that.
Virgils,a pouco tempo adquiri um projeto para desenvolver as mesmas caracteristicas que o seu,em partes.Quero que me diga para lhe ajudar,porque você fazer referencia ao acrobat,o que vc precisa do arquivo pdf?

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