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Compaq 5151 power issue.

tidycomputer asked
Greetings all, I have a compaq 5151 (s/n 1x89bx35r26w) Try to start up and is dead. nothing at all? put in a known good p.s. and still no power to computer at all. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated on troubleshooting. Thanks! George.

Found something interesting today from the owner of this machine. He says it has been switching itself from 16 bit colors to 256. The video card is in the mobo, is it possible for this to be the culprit?, I have a new video card on hand, but not sure how to bypass the integrated one? Thanks, George

I broke it back, with no luck. even put a new cpu in and still no power. Only things not really checked is the mobo itself and that video that is integrated into the mobo. I can't find anywhere that it can be bypassed? anyone got an idea, before i look for a new mobo. Thanks again. George
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Break it back to only CPU, mobo, memory, and floppy and see if it will power up.  If so, put it back one piece at a time until you have found the culprit.
If it won't power up it is possible that the CPU itself is dead.  Can you replace it?

Make sure you take the motherboard out of the case when you are dismantling it - it is easy to miss a screw sittong on or under the motherboard and creating a short.
I didn't exactly expect it to be taken that far (taking the mobo out of the case), but that could be a good precautionary step.

Hi George,

A couple of friendly tips:

It's easier to keep track of the problem if you update us with comments rather than editing the question text.  Also keep in mind that there is no need to close the question until it is solved (or it's determined that it can't be solved), and that many experts would rather keep working on your problem until you fell you have an A-grade solution.

As for your problem, usually the is a jumper that enables/disables the onboard video, but being a Compaq it may not - they don't want you to upgrade your system, they want you to buy another one!

Also be careful buying a new motherboard for a Compaq - they are notorious for making their boards and cases strange non-standard shapes for the same reason.

Best of luck.

:  ) Dave

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