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Mount Problems (RH7.0) Mounting an "old" SYSV/Xinit Disk!

kvatn asked
I got a problem with and SCSI Disk from and old machine (1989)with SCO SYSTEMV Xinit filesystem.

I got a seriouse problem: The problem is that I got an Old SCSI Disk from an SCO SYSV Xenix System (Intel Based), I get the disk up and running to the point when i shall mount it! I've recompiled my kernel to support SYSV/V7/Xenix FS and so on... but when i mount it with mount -t v7 /dev/sda4 /mnt/quantum/ I get and Segmentation ERROR! "VFS Found a V7 FS on SDA4 (Block=512 Bytes) sysv_free_inode: inode 0,1,2 error in inode or error in inode.c kernel bug at inode.c 1057!

System: RH 7.0 PII 333 w/128MB RAM with tekram 395U Scsi Controller! and RH Updates/Bugfixes install (Kernel 2.4.8)

Hope on a fast answere!

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Top Expert 2005

Do you know for a fact that the disk is mountable on any reasonably up to date SCO system? It sounds to me like either the disk may be corrupt or that the filesystem image may not be fully compatible with Linux's implementation of a SYSV/V7/Xenix file system. Given the age of the disk either is a good possibility.


Ummm... disk boots on its own sco system! but its starting to fall down/get corrupt! thats why i got to get it up and runnin so i can copy data from it!

Top Expert 2005
It sounds like the drive is still at least partially readable when attached to an SCO system. My guess is that there are some areas of the drive that are bad and that the file system(s) can't be fully 'fixed' by the SCO file system maintenance tools. If that's the case I doubt that you'll be able to get Linux to mount the disk. Your best bet for recovering the data would be to use an SCO box to transfer what you can off of the drive and onto some other drive or to move the data over the network to your Linux system.

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