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Can you include a image in an autosignature

Outlook 97

I've been trying to find out if you include an image (in this case an immage of an actual signature) in the autosignature facility, I know you can paste it into to the actual message but is there any way to add it to the autosignature?

Any ideas appreciated

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Are you using Office 2000 - Outlook 2000?

If so -
Create signature
Click Advanced Edit
Insert - Picture - from file
Save it as rtf file.
Close Outlook
Open Outlook and picture should be there

Ooops - sorry - you are using 97.  For 97 - just open Word - insert picture
Click once on picture
Ctrl C
Open signature picker in Outlook
Ctrl V

Should put picture in signature block


Afraid not, I did give that a go but it doesn't insert it into the autosignature box, I think it must be one of 97's limitations unless there's a patch out there that i don't know about.

Hmmm - ok - give this a try (I can't don't have Off 97 on any workstation anymore) - Close Outlook.

Search for *.rft files
Then go to Word
File - Open - all files
and open this file
Insert the picture and save

Then go to Outlook and see if picture appears


Many thanks, it works a treat!


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