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What image file is smallest?

rbend asked
We have 1,000's and 1000's of documents we want to convert to document images.
I need to write an app to do all the retrieval of course but I need to deceide on an image format that will...
1) Be as SMALL as possible (remember 1000's and 1000's)
2) Be able to be retrieved quickly.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
PS. almost everything exists now on paper. Not much electronic so scanned images is what I will have to work with.
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I would suggest JPEG as the best format.

Extracted from..


Graphics file formats - which format to use?

A common question is "how do I make my graphics files smaller?".

The following attempts to explain why the wonderfully small JPG files are NOT the best choice to be the master copy of your image. However, for emailing photographs to friends, and for web page use, the JPG file format is the smallest by far, and a JPG copy should be used for such purposes. For Line art and graphic files (as opposed to photographic images), then GIF files have historically been best, both for smallest size and for best quality.

But notice that scanning at reasonable values of 100 to 150 dpi produces much smaller image files than does scanning at 300 dpi. Lowering scan resolution to reasonable values is often the best size improvement you can make.

Briefly, the three most common graphic file formats, the most important for general purposes today, are TIF, JPG and GIF.   I also propose we consider the new PNG format too. ....



jpeg is OK, but be aware that each time you modify and save the file it gets recompressed, so the quality can degrade pretty quickly even at moderate compression settings.

To avoid this, do all the image manipulation (cropping, contrast etc) in an uncompressed format like bmp, and then batch convert to compressed jpeg.  Batch conversion is an option in most graphics software, and it's as easy as copying files in Explorer.


thanks to all for the info

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