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Append data in oracle tables using dump files

anilgupt asked
I am making an application in VB using oracle as backend database. We require to install this application to various place. There is also a main centre database. I want to import data from various place to main centre database. Is it possible to append data (Not to overwrite the data) to main database using oracle dmp file.
If possible, Please let me know, asap.

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yes, it posible
only be shure, that tables, you want to import don't contains data, wich can violate contraints

another, when import, set answer :
> Ignore create error due to object existence (yes/no)

must be NO !
here is an example of an EXPORT and IMPORT of a tables which appends to the table

select count(1) from excp_tab

exports to file excp.dmp
exp80 user/password@orcl file=\excp.dmp grants=n indexes=n tables=(owner.exp_tab)

to import (and append to the table)

imp80 user/password@orcl file=\excp.dmp grants=n show=n fromuser=user ignore=Y tables=(test_excp)

select count(1) from excp_tab

Note the ignore is set to Y.  You must set ignore to Y when importing to an existing table

Hope it helps
Yes, very well.
-Run exp utility at your database and create a dmp file
-At the main center database run import utility and
-say 'no' for 'compress extents?'
hope this would solve your problem, please come back if your need further help
all luck


 >>  -say 'no' for 'compress extents?'
Why ? it this case this parametr cn be Y or NO , it's not important

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