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Installing Module

escheider asked
I've installed RH 7 and have a device which wasn't detected during setup.  Its an Adaptec 152x SCSCI card.  If I find a module for this device, how does one install it to activate this device, or any other device that wasn't detected?
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I think all linux deivce drive files should be a compile command line in the end of the file or in the readme file. Just copy this line to the command shell, you will get a devicefilename.o file, and copy this file to /lib/modules/2.x.x

     If linux cannot detect your SCSI card it is probably because the module corresponding to your SCSI card is not loaded. You can try to do a modprobe aha152x.o when you are in the directory /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/scsi. if that doen't work you can try insmod aha152x.o. If both of this methods are not working it is probably because your kernel is not properly configured. In this case you have to rebuild one.

     To rebuild a kernel the general idea is to download the kernel source from http://www.kernel.org. You can download this file in /usr/src but when you untar it be careful on what you are doing because if there is a symbolic link which is "linux" when you untar it will replace the contents of this link. After that you can do a cd /usr/src/linux in there you can do copy your own .config file which should contain your own specific kernel configuration. With redhat i think you can find this file in a RPM such as kernel-source or whatever. After that if you are under X window you can do a "make xconfig" you will have a window where you can configure in your kernel whatever you want. If you press the SCSI button and after that low level driver you will find the aha152x driver. You will have to select the "m" or "y" box. After that you can do a make dep, make bzImage, make modules_install, and finally make install. The last step will be to tell to your OS loader such as lilo that you have a new kernel so you will have to configure it in lilo.conf and run after that /sbin/lilo. These steps are the process on how to rebuild a kernel. The best way is to take a look to the kernel-HOWTO to understand everything but i gave you the main steps.

     After that everything should be OK and the kernel should see your SCSI card.

Hope this help.



Thank you sir, works great

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