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Box World 73

FactHunt asked
Can someone help me with this level please...
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Hello again FactHunt,
You did well to get to this world, so this should get you through  # 73.

2 right and push up 1, 1 right and push right, down 3, right 3, 4 up and push left,1 right, 2 down,
1 left and push up, 1 right, 3 down, 1 left and push up, 1 down, 2 left, 1 up and push right, 1 left,
2 up, push right, 1 left, down 3, 3 right, 5 up, 3 left, push down 3, 1up, 2 left, down 1 and push right,
1 up,1 right, up 2, right 3, down 5, left 4 and push up 2, down 2, right 4, up 5, left 5 and push down
2, then go 1 left, 1 down, 2 left, 2 up, 1 right, 3 up, 7 right and push down 5, up 5,1 left, up 2,
1 right and push down 2, go to box blocking the entrance and push it in, starting on the left side wall for
the first 3 boxes.Go back around and push the next box up and in. Now for the 3rd box,when you are 1 block outside that entrance, go down 3, left 3, down 2, push left 1, that is like a control gate and you should have no
problem finishing the world. It's lining them up before you start to move them in that is the toughest part.Too much repetition after you get the 3rd box. Just take your time.Any questions, get back to me.



Thanks Akita..
Only 26 to go..
Will I have to call upon your help again..??

Maybe not. I thought #51 & 73 were the two toughest. I thought one in the 80's was tough, we'll see. good luck

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