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Removing the background

anjelgal asked
I have a logo that I am pulling apart In Photoshop becuase want to annimate the individual portions to fly together in Flash.  When the image is imported to Flash it is not only the logo that I get but a lot of white background that I need to either not be there or transparent.  I have tried saving the logo as .tiff, .gif, .bmp but nothing seems to work.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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You could save it as a GIF and choose white as the transparency color.
crop the image so that there sin't a lot of white background there.

Save the images individually then crop them individually. You have probably (well... possibly) cut the buttons out and placed them on a new layer then saved the image at the current size so reopen uncompressed copies of the image and crop them so you can only see the button.

Remember that flash can compress images for you so use incompressed full quality images for the buttons... or optimise them as you want them to be seen and flash will keep them as they are.

Also you can create masks in flash which will help give you nice antialiased edges to the buttons.

Make sure that what you are seeing isn't the default flash background. Try creating another layer underneath and put something on it to see if you can see what is there.


Thanks for the help,

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