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Where do I find the icons themselves for standard components (TComboBox)?

hnrsoftware asked
I want to create a component icon for a component derived from TComboBox, and  make the icon
similar, bun not identical to the original one.  I need to get the regular icon into a resource editor
to make some changes and save as a new icon, but can't figure out where they are hiding.  I have prowled around some with a resource extractor program with no luck.  Thanks.
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You can simply use the ResExplor demo to open dcl*.bpl files in Delphi Bin directory.
E.g. TComboBox is located in dclstd50.bpl as a bitmap resource named TCOMBOBOX.

hnrsoftwareSenior Software Engineer


Thank you - that was the right clue.  I was not able to locate the "ResExplor" demo, but the "ResHack" did the job although it didn't put ".bpl" files in its list of files to look in for resources.

 Other things I think I learned this morning in the process are:

1. I needed to rename the bitmap within the dcr file to the new component class name (my" TComboBox" is "TCB" ) using the image editor tool to construct "TCB.dcr".

2. Appearently the icon bordering color is treated as the transparent color  - I tried to just change that and was running around in circles trying to figure out why nothing was changing.

3. It does work to have separate "dcr" files for each component when I have a single source file for two new components.  The Delphi 4 image editor does not seem to have a way to combine my two resource files into a single one with two bitmaps in it.  There probably is a simple way to do it, but I don't spot it.

Wow, B! And I thought it was a clear A :-/

> I was not able to locate the "ResExplor" demo

ResExplor demo is included with Delphi since version 2, I think... in $(DELPHI)\Demos\Resexplor directory

> 1., 3.

As documented in help topic 'Adding palette bitmaps'

> 2.

As documented in TBitmap.TransparentColor help

Have a nice day.
hnrsoftwareSenior Software Engineer


HI TOndrej - I'm just doing a trial membership of the system and do not fully understand the fine points of grading answers.  The answer was "right on", but it still took me an hour to figure out what it meant.  As a non-commercial developer, (nobody will pay for my membership), I haven't figured out if the "Knowledge Exchange" game is worth $20 per month.

To my taste, the question lists are rather incoherent, and it is too hard to figure out what the question is about, much less
whether the answer would be worth X points.  

Thanks again

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