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Error linking to Dbase IV from Access 2000

I have written an application which links to a  Dbase IV database, which the users selects at runtime (using the common dialog control). This works fine on my PC, running Windows 2000 with Office 2000, but the client (running Windows 2000 Server, also with Office 2000), gets the error "Unexpected error from external database driver (8458)".
To eliminate a problem in the code, I have tried to simply link to the database from the Access db window. As expected, this works fine on my PC. On the client's PC however, after selecting the dbf file, it prompts for an index file. I do not have the index file, so I click Cancel, and then I get the error above.
I have to be able to link to the Dbase file. Any idea what could be wrong here?
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Might be the version of MS Jet.

You can get 4.0 here:



Both my Pc and the client PC are running Jet 4.0 service pack 5 (version 4.0.4431.3), so that can't be it.
Okay, sounds wierd, but, I ran across this in a newsgroup.

Might be worth a try:
Do you have a folder named Borland on this computer? If so try renaming it and test the link. If it works then rename the folder back to Borland  and then modify the registry according to article Q248841.

Q248841 - ACC2000: How to Control Whether Access Loads the BDE



Did you check the references on the client's PC?
Goto VBA and select Tools/References.
Check or you have libraries with as name MISSING.....



nic05038 - there are no missing references.

dilliqaffuq - You are definitely on the right track here. If I rename the Borland directory, I can link perfectly OK. However, if I rename back to Borland and add the registry key as suggested, with value 2 (always use the ISAM), it still does not work.  Have you got any other ideas?

That is the only answer I have found posted.

One thought is to uninstall whatever Borland app they have and reinstall it into a folder other than the default.



This is as close as I am going to get to the correct answer so I am awarding the points. It looks like the BDE has been left behind on the PC by some other app, as we cannot find any other app that uses it. So for the time being we are managing by renaming the Borland directory.
Well, glad I could get you to a usable point.


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